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The featured photo for May 2021 is this gorgeous Teac deck flanked by two Sony portables. Thanks for the photo, Ryan!

Featuring: Teac MDH-500, Sony MZ-N710, Sony MZ-R37

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Another month, another wiki update.

This time, the numbers keep on growing. In less than 2 weeks we've grown from 125 equipment pages to over 300. This includes all Sony portables, decks, boomboxes, and a huge portion of other manufacturers (Aiwa, Kenwood, Pioneer, Sanyo, etc)

Many of these pages have new photos; corrected details; missing data filled in; archived links (that don't 404) and more. We're manually checking .org, Japanese auction sites, original press releases, and the wider web to fill in gaps. We have several devices added that have little to no information available anywhere else (in English, at least)

Other new additions include Blank Discs - a whole category dedicated to showcasing and detailing the numerous varieties of MD blanks that exist. Sort by colour, length, manufacturer, even the material of the sliding disc cover! Submit some of your blanks, or reach out for assistance in doing so.

One of our admins also had the great idea to host a featured photo each month, based on submissions here and around the web. If demand warrants, we'll setup a photo submission megathread, but in the meantime we'll reach out to the posters with our favourite photos each month for permission to be used on the frontpage and socials of the wiki, with attribution. Our first featured photo is from /u/macnerd93, thanks!

On a sadder note, the Sony Insider forums appear to have finally gone down, and their URL is now a fake search page. Some archives exist, but some of the content may be gone forever. A saddening reminder of why we're asking for contributions and submissions - enough MiniDisc material is already lost to the ages and it's up to us as the community to save it. I doubt there's demand anymore for a new forum, but we're open to suggestion.

Thanks to everyone for your support and contributions so far! On a final note, please make it a habit to check the Wiki for an equipment page as your first reference. For the Wiki's momentum and SEO to take off, we need clicks and shares and contributions, so let us know what's stopping us from being the go-to MD resource.

MiniDisc Day is coming on June 5th 2021. Check out their site, where all releases will be announced on May 29th.

The site for replacement jewel cases will also launch on that day. Exciting day for MiniDisc!

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