Hello everyone! Just a brief update here in commemoration of the 600 equipment page benchmark we reached today.

As we estimate 900 devices total, that's ⅔ of all MD hardware ever made. Everyone who's contributed equipment pages, guides, pictures, and been active on social media should be very, very proud of the resource we've built together.

Of the new pages, many are for Kenwood products. This has come from one of our top contributors finding an amazing archived source. These devices really don't have much information elsewhere on the web, so if you know of more sources or information for any of these, please let us know or edit the page(s).

Approximately two-thirds of the way to “completion” is a fine benchmark to take a step back and cleanup the pages we already have.

Data cleanup

Since we added the database functionality to the site, we've made a few changes to the schemas and older pages have data that needs to be updated to match. This includes the “control” field for remotes and USB connectivity; the manual checkboxes, and if a device sends the SCMS copy protection signal.

Blurb cleanup

Perhaps most importantly, many of the equipment pages we have are currently using blurbs or text descriptions that are not original or transformative, and are instead taken from the source - we don't want this. We want our pages to be original and based on modern experiences and collector's notes.

Please help us in rewriting any page text that is identical to the attribution links mentioned on the page. To help achieve this, we're (temporarily(?)) removing the registration requirement to edit any equipment page - your IP address will be shown instead of a username, but the community should be all hands on deck to ensure we're not plagiarizing any of the resources we have gained so much from in our efforts to archive and preserve information on the format we enjoy so dearly.

Right now, all of our focus is on improving the pages we already have - the data and blurb corrections that have been mentioned above. Once that has been completed, we'll continue our march to ~900 equipment pages and the rest of our resources for the community, be they guides, videos, social media, or anything else that helps people use and enjoy MD in 2021 and beyond.

As always, thanks so much for your time and effort in building the wiki as the definitive MiniDisc resource for everyone. Everyone who has contributed, even a little, is appreciated and we wouldn't be where we are without you.

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