That was quick - we didn't expect to hit 700 equipment pages by mid-September!

Just a brief site update to commemorate this achievement.

50 additional pages in two weeks! Our wiki team has been working incredibly hard to find and archive data on these pieces of MD equipment, much of which does not have much information online. We're (still) scouring archived sites, press releases, and other resources to provide the most extensive catalog of MD equipment anywhere, in a format that's easily searched and sorted.

The guide on backing up your MDs to a PC is now complete. We're always open to updates and improvements, though! (as is the nature of a wiki)

This guide should be useful to anyone looking to backup their MDs, whether they're old mixtapes you made in the 90s or obscure music you found when buying a lot of discs.

Our contribution guide has been expanded to cover more aspects of our wiki software and how to add content to the wiki. We aim to make contributing as easy as possible and always encourage more additions or corrections. Please don't be shy with editing pages!

We're playing with the idea of making a gallery page with all of our featured photos. If this is something that interests you, please let us know!

If enough photo submissions come in for the featured photo on the wiki front page, we may move to a weekly schedule for the photos. Please keep submitting your best shots of your collection or using MD in the wild.

Our aim of documenting every piece of MD equipment ever made is making amazing progress. With growth like this, our target of approximately 900 devices by Q1 2022 is looking more and more likely.

The MD community is alive and active, especially on our Discord server. From there we talk retro tech, coordinate wiki additions, and keep track of each change to the site. It's likely the most active MD chat room on the web, and we'd love to hit 200 members by the end of 2021.

To support our site hosting and admin costs, please consider a small contribution via our Patreon page. All support is appreciated and helps keep the wiki ad-free and sustainable for years to come.

Thank you so much to every member of the wiki team, who have put untold time and effort into finding and adapting all of this material. Although we aim to make adding content as easy as possible, some community members are going above and beyond to archive hundreds of pages for everyone to access and benefit from. We wouldn't be where we are without them.

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