Hello MiniDisc family, after a short delay it's time for another wiki and community update!

With the site and social media in a steady period of growth, these updates may come a little less frequently. Rest assured, the MiniDisc community is working on many incredible things. Here's what we've been up to since the last update:

  • 1500+ equipment pages
  • Releases section updates
  • 30th anniversary date
  • Huge development updates
  • Social media

We're currently aware of over 1500 unique MiniDisc devices. Based on the discoveries of the last year, we can't make any estimates on the total number, but it will likely be double that of the next largest archive of equipment.

To better understand where we need more research, we have added the Page Status list. Each page can be marked as “Great,” “minor issues,” “missing data,” or “stub,” so that we can see which pages need more work.

The leadership team is working through photos sent to us via our photo submission page and via email. If you have submitted something, thanks for your patience as we add it to the respective page.

Bandcamp import

Thanks to the incredibly talented asivery for helping us fill out the MiniDisc Releases section of the wiki. So far we have added a majority of modern releases listed on Bandcamp, and are looking into using the Discogs API for past releases and automatic adding of new ones using Dokuwiki's XML-RPC interface. If this is something you have experience with and would like to help, please contact us.

Labels and artists

We have friendly pages for adding your record label or album release to the wiki. Just sign up (or use Google, FB, or GitHub via the login page) and fill in as many details as you can. The latest releases are listed on the wiki's front page, and we would love to do more to promote new releases on MD - let us know of any ideas to spread awareness.

On that note…

In January I emailed the address listed on the MiniDisc Day website asking if they would like to collaborate and what plans they have for this year. They have not responded.

Considering it is now later in the year than the 2020 MD Day, and getting close to the date of the 2021 one, we have made an executive decision:

Tuesday November 1st, 2022 will be the date we celebrate this fantastic format and its 30th birthday.

This gives us time to organize events, contact labels, create and ship off our ‘92-themed mixtapes, take photos of our MZ-1 and MZ-2Ps, print stickers and pins, shill the format on social media, and create some new content.

We need your help! Let your favorite record labels, artists, and content creators know that you want them to take part in MiniDisc celebrations. They can contact us on the wiki, in our Discord server, social media accounts, or email. Members of the wiki team are available for podcasts, interviews, and opinion pieces.

All updates and plans are found on this wiki page, and in the #30th-anniversary channel of our Discord server.

Web MiniDisc Pro

New version 1.1.1 - prevents sleep mode during a transfer and fixes a few bugs. The most up to date NetMD software available, and the default choice unless you don't use a Chromium browser.

Firmware reverse-engineering

A handful of very talented developers have a full dump of the firmware for a NetMD recorder and are finding ways to execute arbitrary code and copy content back to a computer via USB.

NetMD Wizard

Formerly CD2NetMD, NetMD Wizard is the easiest way to rip a CD directly onto a MiniDisc, and also supports drag and drop of any file that ffmpeg can read.

Because I can’t keep up with all these different services, fellow wiki leader Shortstuf888 is now also helping with our social media accounts. Any posts about the site updates will be signed off with who wrote it, just as wiki pages have the author at the bottom of the page.

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