Hello again friends, it's been a couple of months since the last community update and we've got some big landmarks to celebrate! But most importantly, we need a lot more help from you, the MiniDisc community.

Sadly, despite numerous attempts over half a year to contact the organizers of the last 2 MiniDisc Day events through email and Twitter, we are being ghosted. We've also passed the June 5th date of last year's MD Day, so I have no choice but to assume that they've abandoned the project. This makes me really sad, because we've tried hard to be approachable, diplomatic, and let the existing players take the lead for what should (and will!) be a fantastic celebration of this format.

Alas, that means we're taking up the mantle instead. So as mentioned in the last update, we're organizing the event for November 1st of this year and hopefully years to come. This community is growing at such an astounding rate and the best is still yet to come.

Already in the works are a mix disc swap with a 1992 theme; merchandise by at least 3 different designers; meetups at 100% Electronicon in NYC and the Yung Bae show in LA (which aren't on the day but close enough); interviews and retrospectives; custom UV printed discs; and huge giveaways that we'll have more details on soon (hint: equipment and albums.)

But we really really need your help.

Contact your favourite independent record labels, especially if they've released on MD in the past and let them know you want them to release stuff on November 1st. If you have designs, merchandise, or photos to be used for the event, contact us. And if you want to be a part of the mix swap, please join the #disc-swappers channel of our Discord server. This event will fall flat if no one takes part, so this is where all of us decide what kind of community event we want to have.

It feels cheeky, but we've registered https://MiniDisc.Day/ to redirect to the event home on the Wiki, including information and signup details.

The numbers keep growing. As of today, we're aware of over 1600 unique MD devices, either with their own page or on the Missing Pages List. We are almost definitely going to have twice as many devices listed as the classic MiniDisc.org site once we've found the rest. It seems surreal to all of us on the team as well.

Thanks to everyone who also drops by and makes small additions and fixes to pages - be it a newly-found manual, a release date (we need lots of release dates, especially for automotive equipment! I think a good lead is to find the car models used by a part number and then see the release date for that particular vehicle), more photos, whatever you have! Our analytics show that hundreds of people each day are looking at equipment pages, and we'd like to see more of that translate into wiki contributions.

We know that people visit the wiki from all over the world, speaking lots of different languages. Technical limitations with Dokuwiki prevent us from adding translations right now, but we're monitoring developments and workarounds and hope to start working on this as soon as possible.

The incredibly talented (and equally friendly) asivery has released a major update to Web MiniDisc Pro with new features that should interest any MD fan. As there's already a stickied post announcing it, please take a moment to read it: https://old.reddit.com/r/minidisc/comments/vkfk0y/web_minidisc_update_toc_cloning_and_atrac/

We hit a new milestone on Reddit! Over 6000 MiniDisc fanatics sharing several posts per day, discussing their finds, and building this big part of the nicest retro-tech community in the world. Just as with the 30th Anniversary event, each member of the community plays a big role in building this scene, welcoming newcomers, enjoying the format and enjoying each other's company.

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