Hi-MD friends, it's been a few months so it's time for some community and wiki updates!

Here's what's in store this time:

  • Web MiniDisc Pro 1.4
  • MD31 preparations
  • SiriusXM podcast feature
  • See you at Electronicon
  • Community-organized swap event
  • Forum, we barely know 'em

One of the biggest single updates we've ever seen, version 1.4 adds support for Hi-MD devices and fixes many bugs.

I'm still refactoring and updating the usage guide on the wiki, but the Reddit post from asivery has instructions for how to use Hi-MD modes and a detailed changelog. Check it out here.

2023 is flying by, so we need to start planning for our 31st birthday celebration. After such a successful 30th anniversary event, we've got more experience and more connections than ever before. So although 31 isn't the landmark last year was, it will still be a great time and we hope labels and other creators drop some really great stuff.

If you want to take part, please contact us in whatever way is most convenient for you - on Reddit, on our Discord server (especially in the #minidisc-day channel), via email (events@minidisc.wiki), Twitter or Instagram (both @minidisc_wiki)

So far, we're thinking of commissioning another custom UV printed disc design, and perhaps a box set of the MD30 discs, this time in a variety of colors. Your thoughts and suggestions are needed!

SpecialK (oh hey that's me) and fellow community leader Shortstuf were both featured in episode 4 of the podcast “Obsolete: the rise and fall of the MiniDisc” on SiriusXM. We talk about the community, the site, and the music scenes surrounding it. It came out great and we can't thank SiriusXM and Vivian Host enough. A SiriusXM subscription is needed to listen.

Shortstuf, our resident social media admin and chief MD evangelist will be in New York at the end of August for Electronicon and its surrounding events such as the Tape Swap. Come say hi!

Huge thanks to community member Gunner5 for organizing the Fantastic Voyage disc swap event, which was a big success. Life and job stuff is getting in the way of Spraggle and SpecialK organizing any events in the near future, but hopefully other community members can step up to the plate and organize more great swaps.

You can see some of the mixes swapped here.

With social media being increasingly terrible, we started a forum as a contingency. I don't know how much use it will get or if it will stay in its current form, but it's good to know we have somewhere to fall back to should migrations from Reddit and Twitter gain traction.

If you have inputs on where the community should be, please let us know. We're happy to focus our efforts where it will benefit people the most.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and be a part of the best retro tech community in the world!

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