LIP-12 Rebuild

Rebuild guide curtesy of @DanielMcGregor#4040 on the Mizucat Discord. This is a short and simple guide to rebuilding the LIP-12 battery. It uses a standard 18650 battery and is a rather quick fix. The LIP-12 is the battery pictured below.

1. Pry the case open with a plastic pry tool. Take your time.

2. Carefully pull the two halves apart. The cell is glued in and needs a little careful leverage.

3. use pliers to carefully rip the tags off of the depleted 18650 battery. Bend the tabs in the correct position.

4. Place a charged battery in the correct polarity.

5. Carefully put the case together again. If separated carefully it is a neat friction fit. Use a little tape just in case.

6. Don't forget to add a tape tag to pull it out of the player easier.

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