An older PC Link Kit that uses a serial connector. Was available as early as 1998, and supports Windows 95/98. Allows for titling, control, and editing functions, kana and kanji are also supported.

The three revisions seem to be identical, but come with different software. The connecting hardware was called the CAV-PX1.

The .org site lists these differences:

  • PCLK-PX1 compatible with: Sony: DHC-MD777/MD555, JMD-7, MXD-D2
  • PCLK-PX2 compatible with: Sony: DHC-MD888W, MXD-D2
  • PCLK-PX3 compatible with: Sony: DHC-MD888W/MD777/MD575/MD555, JMD-77/7, MXD-D2

But this is far from a complete listing of compatible devices, also check out the compatibility chart below.

Partial Compatibility Chart

Sony PCLK-PX1 User Manual

Content adapted from: PCLK-MN10 Page

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