Sony ecat Page. Equipped with a jog dial that rotates parallel to the scrolling direction of the liquid crystal display, realizing excellent searchability and operability. MSRP 8,400 yen

  • Song/group/artist/album name can be displayed in 3 lines on the large LCD screen. 6 full-width characters (12 half-width characters) x 3 lines
  • Group search is possible by group name registered in advance
  • You can search for artists and albums by artist name or album name.
  • Uses a rotating clip that allows you to choose the mounting direction.
  • Has backlight

“Hi-MD Walkman” (*): MZ-RH1 / MZ-NH1 / NH3D / EH1

“Network Walkman” (*): NW-HD5 / HD3 / HD2 / HD1

* Kanji and hiragana cannot be input with this remote controller alone.

Sony Walkman Catalog 08-2006 remotes section

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