1992 house mixtape for Luciano


In the early 90's my musical preference was heavily biased towards house music. For instance listening weekly to “For those who like to groove” on the Dutch radio, where prominent club dj's were live mixing the hottest tracks. I was 14, too young to enter clubs, decided to ditch my guitar and focus on dj-ing, which I did extensively as a student in local venues. My first deck was a MDS-101 and I used it to record live sessions from other dj's and bands and also used it to play specific samples during gigs. Retrospectively my musical taste has expanded a lot over the years and learned to appreciate all kinds of music, from jazz to grunge, from blues to city pop, all genres have stellar artists and I am still learning, expanding. Every once in a while I still play and mix old school house on vinyl at home or parties.

For this mixtape I went a step further and tried to find new-old tracks by buying cd's and cassettes from that era. Some of those tracks were new to me, it really blew my mind how far ahead of their time they were and had to double check they were in fact from 92. All of this I used to create a seamless mix that starts out poppy, mellow and evolves to more underground/uptempo beats, all from the 91/92 era. For the most part I have included the whole track, not just snippets to cram in as much songs as possible, enjoy!


  1. A deeper love - C+C
  2. The beginning - Seal
  3. Deep in my heart - Clubhouse
  4. Club lonely - Lil'Louis
  5. Follow me - Aly-us
  6. The tape - B-sides
  7. Passion - Gat Decor
  8. Rave alarm - Praga Khan
  9. Dominator - Human Resource
  10. Android - Prodigy
  11. I need relief - Digital Domain
  12. Searching for my rizla - Ratpack
  13. I need your lovin' - N.R.G.
  14. Fire - Prodigy
  15. Bring forward the noise - Noise Factory
  16. Close your eyes - Acen


To keep it period-correct, I recorded it on a first generation Sony MDW-60 from 1992 (with the lettering upside down!). The mix is not more than 60 minutes and I have used optical s/pdif in to record the audio in real-time. I also wanted it to be gapless, so I recorded it in 1 go and added track markers manually afterwards. For the mix itself I have used Audacity as my primary tool to make a master file on my laptop and apply eq and amplification changes where necessary. I then exported it to wav and played this via optial out to my MD deck.

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