Foreword or something

Well this is it, the 30th special MDs by me are shipped and i hope the recipient do like them MDs you say ? Yeah i did put 2 of them, why ? dunno ppl got 2 ears ? Because that's my disc swap and I do what i want, not like you can stop me now ?

for starter I have an old edition of Trust - Repression record, i wanted to do the first MD the old way, but because CBS exist the vinyl is to noisy between tracks and sound was too low (yeah the recording was done before webMD update) so i dumped the record idea and went NetMD,

then come the Heavy Metal one, also know as Metal Hurlant, This is the soundtrack of a classic movie from 1981 and when I was a kid I did get most of the tracks on one of the few tapes I had (yeah no MD growing up), so I felt like it would have been one of my first mixdisc

And I did try to make a label but it had to be different So yeah I did airbrush paint them, done some stencil for the titling (Trust one spacing is a bit off and if f*cked it with some IPA on my fingers)

Finally came the moment to encase them, And the realization I had no case, I did order some and they got here in time but once again I had to do it (my way) I had some left over leather from my buhurting days and crafted a small pouch big enough for 6 MDs without case (why 6 ? cut first check how many MDs do fit after)

Track list

Trust - Repression

1. Antisocial

2. Monsieur comédie

3. Instinct de mort

4. Au nom de la race

5. Passe

6. Fatalité

7. Saumur

8. Le Mitard

9. Sors tes griffes

10. Les sectes

(11. “Prefabricated”-Trust not part of the original release but felt like it [now that I'm writing this I'm not even sure it's on])

Heavy Metal

1. “Heavy Metal” (Original Version)-Sammy Hagar

2. “Heartbeat”-Riggs

3. “Working in the Coal Mine”-Devo

4. “Veteran of the Psychic Wars”-Blue Öyster Cult

5. “Reach Out”-Cheap Trick

6. “Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride)”-Don Felder

7. “True Companion”-Donald Fagen

8. “Crazy (A Suitable Case for Treatment)”-Nazareth

9. “Radar Rider”-Riggs

10. “Open Arms”-Journey

11. “Queen Bee”-Grand Funk Railroad

12. “I Must Be Dreamin'”-Cheap Trick

13. “The Mob Rules” (alternate version)-Black Sabbath

14. “All of You”-Don Felder

15. “Prefabricated”-Trust

16. “Blue Lamp”-Stevie Nicks

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