Tracker Tunes '92 - 30th Anniversary Mix for Furiosus


I didn't actually have an MD Player or recorder in 1992. I wouldn't get one until the release of the Sony MZ-R50 in 1997. However the first things I dropped on a minidisc were a bunch of S3M and MOD modules so I could finally listen to them in a decent quality away from my computer. I'd been collecting them for years since a friend of mine introduced me to them via dial-up BBSes and had previously only been able to listen to them away from my desktop via tape recording - it worked, but it lacked the clarity. With MiniDisc I was able to take good quality audio from the computer out to the optical input of the recorder and got basically perfect recordings. Of course, back then I had to play the tracks via tracker software - typically Scream Tracker - and dub in real time, one song at a go. I eventually ended up with a whole stack of MiniDiscs full of tracker music. I figured there was no better way to celebrate the anniversary by filling up a Minidisc with some of my favorites from 1992. The last track is technically a cheat, since it wasn't officially released until 1993 along with the Demo it accompanied. I know for sure I heard it well before then, however, as I remember being very excited as I watched the Demo and recognized the song. It's also one of my all time favorites and I couldn't not include it.

Thanks to the internet being what it is, I was able to find more than enough modules over on Demozoo and The Mod Archive. I originally thought about using an emulator to run the old Scream Tracker software to do a live dub, but I just didn't have the time to do that. Instead, I used Milky Tracker to export them as WAV files. Cleaned them up a bit and saved them as FLAC using Audacity and then used Web MiniDisc Pro to write them to disc.

The tracklist and recipient name had originally been redacted and blurred out on this wiki page until the recipient received their disc in the mail to keep things a surprise. It was updated on October 11, 2022 after Furiosus confirmed receipt on Discord.


  • 01_Cosmic Edge by Toodeloo
  • 02_Nemesis! by Daeron and Misty
  • 03_Avenger 1 / Fire on ICE by Teque
  • 04_monoxide2 by Cosmic
  • 05_Realm of Chaos by Skaven
  • 06_Galactic King by Lizardking
  • 07_got bass if ya want by The Loop
  • 08_Party Time by Gun
  • 09_Stardust Memories by Jester
  • 10_Maestrological by Artifact
  • 11_Panic by Purple Motion
  • 12_Pinball by Purple Motion
  • 13_Metamorphosis.552 by Domm
  • 14_Unreal ][ by Purple Motion

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