Disc swap signup

Use this form to sign up for our disc swap events.

By signing up, you agree to send out a disc to your recipient by the deadline, and acknowledge that your mailing address will be shared with Wiki admin staff and your disc “Santee.” This will be emailed directly to a dedicated email mailbox for MiniDisc events and will not be stored anywhere on the wiki server.

There are currently no disc swaps open. Check back soon!

We ask that those signing up be known to the MD community, either on our Discord server, subreddit, or via social media such as Twitter or Instagram.

Be prepared to be matched with someone in another country, as MD fans are all over the world!

Signup deadline: November 1st 2022 (2022-11-01)

Mailing deadline: November 10th 2022 (2022-11-10) Mailing deadline delayed due to 30th Anniversary event - you'll be contacted with your match and new deadline shortly.


  • does not need to be Christmas-themed
  • no Mariah Carey
  • SP mode only
  • maximum 1 “joke” track

Sign up form

Sign ups are now closed for all current disc swap events - you will be contacted soon with more details.

Basic info

By submitting, you agree to send out a disc for the selected swap by the deadline. There is a possibility you may not receive a disc due to mailing or other issues; in that case the community leaders will do our best to resolve the situation. The MiniDisc Wiki can not take any responsibility for interactions between community members and is not associated with any company.

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