Pioneer X-RMX5


Name X-RMX5
Manufacturer Pioneer
Released 1997/10
Device type deck
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio No
Dimensions 210 (width) x 75 (height) x 279.5 (depth)
Weight 2000
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 100
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥49 000
Inputs Digital optical (TOSLINK)

X-RMX5 (system) - MJ-R5 (MD component)

  • Tempo control: You can change the tempo of the CD up to ± 10% using the jog dial, and you can change the tempo of the CD according to the song you want to connect.
  • BPM counter: Abbreviation for BPM = Beat. Per. Minute. If you press the tap button, the tempo of the song on the CD or MD will be measured and displayed numerically on the display. Adjust the tempo control of the CD while looking at this number.
  • Master Tempo: Even if you change the tempo of the CD, the pitch remains original due to digital processing.
  • Cue: You can easily set and adjust the cueing of a CD in frame (1/75 seconds) units using the jog dial.
  • Loop: Plays your favorite phrases seamlessly and repeatedly.
  • Sampler: A memory sampler that allows you to memorize your favorite CD phrases and play them in a mixed manner.

Editing and recording functions:

  • ASES (Auto Synchro Editing System) function
  • CD to MD / CD to TAPE / MD to TAPE / TAPE to MD synchronized recording is possible.
  • (MD / tape recording is a function that can be used when the dedicated options MJ-R5 / CT-R5 are connected respectively.)
  • 3 mode timer
  • 1 external input system 1 external output system

[Main features of the minidisc recorder “MJ-R5”]

  • MD cut-in function - connect and record the CD tempo and cue point set on the main body of the RMX series to the MD in real time. You can easily create an original non-stop MD.
  • AB combine editing It is now possible to perform more detailed editing than the conventional combine editing.
  • UNDO function
  • It is possible to cancel the editing work once executed.
  • Auto Fade In / Out
  • Fade in and fade out recording can be done with one touch.
  • Long-time recording When recording
  • in monaural long-time mode, you can record about twice as long as in stereo mode.

2) Equipped with 2 digital inputs and sampling rate converter

Compatible with digital media such as digital broadcasting. Equipped with 2 optical inputs and sampling rate converter. High-quality digital recording is possible for digital media with different sampling frequencies such as 44.1K / 48K / 32K.

Achieve high sound quality of MD by developing original new ATRAC and 20bit signal processing (likely using one of Pioneers custom ATRAC chips)

Synchronized recording with CDs and tapes is possible by connecting to the ASES compatible RMX main unit.

100watt amplifier

  • ◆ Stereo tuner amplifier: SX-R9 External dimensions… 210 (width) × 112.5 (height) × 307 (depth) mm Mass… 5.2 kg
  • ◆ Compact disc player: PD-R9 external dimensions… 210 (width) ) X 75 (height) x 274 (depth) mm mass … 1.8 kg
  • ◆ Mini disc Recorder: MJ-R5 External dimensions: 210 (width) x 75 (height) x 279.5 (depth) mm mass … 2.0kg
  • ◆ Cassette deck: CT-R5 External dimensions: 210 (width) x 75 x 269.5 mm mass … 2.0kg
  • ◆ Console box: B-R9 External dimensions: 210 (width) x 75 x 260 mm mass …
  • ◆ 25 CD changer PD-F25A External dimensions: 180 (width) x 250 x 268.5 mm mass … 3.2kg
  • ◆ Remix controller: EF-R5 External dimensions … 210 (width) x 37.5 (height) x 272 (depth) mm mass … 1.1 kg
  • ◆ Speaker system: S-R5V-LR External dimensions… 165 (width) × 303 (height) × 244 (depth) mm Mass… 3.3kg

Content adapted from: Pioneer Press Release

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