Sharp MD-SS302


Name MD-SS302
Manufacturer Sharp
Released 1997/08
Device type portable
Recorder Player
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio No
Dimensions 87.0 (width) x 24.0 (height) x 78.0 (depth) mm
Weight 186g (including SS302 rechargeable battery)
ATRAC ver Sharp 5
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 1.5, 3.6, 4.5, 5
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥38 000
Outputs 3.5mm headphone

MD-SS302M = Marlboro edition.

1. With our advanced technology, we realized the industry's first slot-in jacket size. This is the first machine that uses a slot-in mechanism that allows discs to be inserted and removed with one action without opening the lid, achieving a size close to that of a jacket. We succeeded in miniaturization by developing our own thin spindle motor and thin pickup. 2. By adopting a high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable battery, a single rechargeable battery can provide approximately 6 hours of continuous playback (MD-SS301/SS302 only). Adopts a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that maintains stable performance even after repeated charging and discharging. In addition, the low-voltage design allows for about 4 hours of playback with a single AA alkaline battery.

3. Variety development that can be selected according to taste The conventional image of MD has been renewed with a novel style that combines the square design of MD with a pop round design. The MD-SS301 has a futuristic design and comes in three colors to choose from, while the MD-SS302 meets the needs of young people with a robust outdoor design.

4. Comes with a glowing LCD remote control that can be seen even in the dark

5. Adopts 24-bit operation method “5th generation ATRAC” that realizes high sound quality.

* Image size of projected area.

<Features of MD-SS301/SS302> 1. Achieved the industry's first compact and lightweight jacket size with the slot-in method ・ Newly developed original key components and a compact and thin design have achieved a size close to that of an MD disc case. 1) Compact and thin design of the mechanism (Development of a thin spindle motor that is 75% thinner than the conventional machine) 2) Development of an ultra-thin pickup with a height of 6.8 mm (94% compared to conventional products) 3) New development of power saving 1-chip LSI/IC 4) Adoption of prismatic lithium-ion rechargeable battery 5) Reduced substrate area (45% compared to our MD-SS70) ※  LSI integrates signal processing encoder/decoder, digital servo, EFM processing, compression/expansion into one chip, including digitization of part of RF circuit. 2. Equipped with a thin slot-in mechanism that allows quick disc changes with one touch ・ You can insert and remove discs with one touch even when using the main unit in a bag without opening and closing the lid. ・ Two types of auto play functions have been adopted for ease of use outdoors and in the car. “Slot-in auto play” function that starts playback just by inserting a disc, and when using in a car, after turning off the car engine, when the engine is restarted, playback starts from the beginning of the song you were listening to before Equipped with “Resume Auto Play” function.

3. 2 variations of design (4 models including color) to meet diversified users ・ Responding to the diversification of user preferences and a wide range of demand, such as young people owning many wristwatches, hats, and eyeglass frames, we have made it possible to select products according to TPO and personal fashion.  MD-SS301 … A transparent material is used in the center to create a design with a new sensation, and it is recommended for young users who prefer futurism and space sensations. (Available in three colors: silver, blue, and yellow)  MD-SS302 … It has a sturdy feel and a design taste that matches well with outdoor sports, and is recommended for users who prefer a casual feel.

4. Realizes about 6 hours of continuous playback with the included lithium-ion rechargeable battery ・ By reducing the power consumption of the mechanism, pickup, and LSI, as well as the power-saving design of each part, a single rechargeable battery can provide approximately 6 hours of continuous playback. ・ We have adopted a high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable battery that does not have a “memory effect” and maintains stable performance even if it is recharged with the remaining battery capacity. ・ The low-voltage design enables playback for about 4 hours with a single high-capacity AA alkaline battery (1.5V). (When using the included AA battery case) ・ By using a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and AA batteries together, it is possible to play continuously for a long time of about 10 hours. ・ Since the main unit is equipped with a DC jack, there is no need to remove the rechargeable battery from the main unit to charge it.

5. Comes with a backlight that makes the display visible even in dark places, and a glowing LCD remote control ・ You can select songs while checking the song name and song number clearly with the remote control even in the car or at night. ・ The headphone section is detachable, so you can connect commercially available large headphones to enjoy even more powerful sound.

6. “MD ⇒ MD edit” output correspondence that can edit voice and text information at the same time ・ In combination with our MD component (MD-X5/X8/X8PC/XL10/XV300), when editing from MD to MD, not only sound but also character information such as disc titles and song titles can be edited at the same time. It supports the output of “MD Edit”. Connect to our components with the separately sold special cable <AD-M5AC>. (The edited sound will be analog.)

7. High-quality sound design that focuses on sound quality ・ The ATRAC (Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding) section, which compresses and expands the sound that is the key to MD sound quality, uses the 5th generation 24-bit arithmetic method, allowing you to enjoy clear and extended high-quality sound. ・ Digital X-BASS is used for deep bass reproduction, and you can enjoy powerful deep bass with little noise.

8. Equipped with useful functions unique to discs, such as high-speed song selection, random playback, all-track/single-track repeat, etc.

9. Equipped with “sound skipping guard memory” that is resistant to external vibrations ・ Equipped with a fixed mode for 10 seconds for use in places with a lot of vibration.

Content adapted from: Sharp Press Release

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