Sony CMT-AH10


Name CMT-AH10
Manufacturer Sony
Released 2005/05
Device type bookshelf
Recorder Recorder
NetMD Yes
Hi-MD Yes
Radio Yes - 76-90Mhz
Dimensions 424 x 302 x 208mm
Weight 9.0kg
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr) No
Voltage 100
Power cable AC
Price (launch)
¥53 000
Inputs RCA in, CD, Radio recording, Tape deck
Outputs 3.5mm headphone, Speaker amplifier, Tape deck, USB for Network Walkman
Control Remote (Sony), USB Mini-B, USB for Network Walkman

NetMD (std MD and Hi-MD), CD, and AM/FM Radio device.

High speed CD→MD dubbing (Hi-LP=8X, Hi-SP=6X, PCM=4X, std-MD=2X), USB uploading, and can be used as a PC data drive as well.

Content adapted from: Sony Press Release

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Some initial observations and testing:

  • Motorised faceplate which opens to reveal MD (upper) or CD (lower) motorised loading slots
  • Works well with current version of electronWMD (0.3.2 - 1.4.2). Need to set unit to PC Mode first, and as usual have chosen either MD or HiMD mode on the unit.
  • Speakers have passive bass radiator which improves frequency response.
  • Sounds setting include a 'Phase' setting which gives a striking stereo centre effect. Three settings, but can't disable completely according to the translated manual.
  • Backlit display (black characters on purple/blue background) initially had poor contrast but improved a lot after frequent use.

Since unit was only produced for Japan, on startup the menus are all in Japanese. There is an 'English' setting which can be selected in the device menu, but the translated manual doesn't preserve the table structure so it's difficult to navigate to the right place. However, you can use the the following control sequence on the unit:

  1. Use the controls on the right hand side of the faceplate: 'Cancel', 'Enter', and the rotating wheel below.
  2. First, long-press the 'Enter' button to get into the menu
  3. Rotate the selection wheel clockwise seven clicks until the last option is showing and flashing (='Option')
  4. Press 'Enter' once
  5. Rotate wheel clockwise four clicks to move to the fifth item in this submenu (='Language')
  6. Press 'Enter' once
  7. Of the two options here, move up to the one that isn't flashing (first one = 'English')
  8. Press 'Enter' once
  9. The language should now be changed to English.

There may be an internal battery which holds the language and other settings, but on this unit they are all lost on mains power cycling. They are retained through the on/off switch on the unit though, if still connected to mains.

test84.159.58.143, 2022/02/07 02:51
The most complete book-shelf entertainer with endless copy and mastering possibilities.
From analog cassettes through radiotuner, cd en HI-MD to an AUX & USB PC connection.
State of the art sound quality. A great Sony product in his era!
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