Sony CMT-P555DVD


Name CMT-P555DVD
Manufacturer Sony
Released 2001/11
Device type bookshelf
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Dimensions 190 x 141 x 325mm (main unit)
Weight 5.6kg (main unit)
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr) No
Voltage 100
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥75 000
Inputs RCA in, Digital optical (TOSLINK), CD
Outputs 3.5mm headphone, RCA out, Digital optical (TOSLINK), Speaker amplifier
Control PC Link

Sony CMT-P555DVD is a MDLP Type-R DSP bookshelf system with DVD player, CD, 1 MD, and AM/FM tuner. Onboard DVD player plays DVD video, video CD, CD, and CD-R/RW. Connectable to computers through PCLK-MN20A (due out 01.02) for computer-to-MiniDisc recording and editing. S.F. (scale factor) editing function to adjust voice level of recorded MiniDisc. Unit has D1 terminal for high quality video output to television or monitor and has a digital output terminal. Unit design based on Sony CMT-PX333.

  • 2x speed recording from CD to MD
  • MDLP and Group function
  • DVD / Video CD playback ready
  • S.F. editing function
  • PC-Link ready
  • Compact and high quality body
  • Video out, D1 terminal, AUX in/out, Digital in/out

Content adapted from: Sony Press Release Sony ecat Product Page

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