Sony MZ-E10


Name MZ-E10
Manufacturer Sony
Released 2002/11
Device type portable
Recorder Player
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio No
Dimensions 81.9 x 79.1 x 9.9mm
Weight 55g with battery
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr) No
Voltage 6
Power cable Center positive
Price (launch) $198
¥30 000
Outputs other

Offered in Silver and Gold. Thinnest and lightest minidisc player.

A few things to note:

  • It can only be charged using the supplied dock.
  • The headphone connector is unique. You must use the supplied remote (RM-MC33ELU or RM-MC35ELKU) or 3.5mm adapter. (Same as the Qualia 017 I wonder?)
  • It has an internal battery shut-off switch on the exterior of the device.
  • Internal rechargeable battery is removable/replaceable with just a driver. No full teardown is required.

According to one user on:

“The very thin playback-only MD E10, which is famous for charging troubles, has a low current tolerance of the control circuit packaged in the battery, and it breaks down due to a slight increase in charging current due to battery deterioration, and can output the correct voltage to the T terminal. When the battery is exhausted, the state of the battery cannot be fed back and the battery cannot be fully charged. Therefore, even if the charge was poor, it could still be used by transplanting the control circuit.”

online retailer selling for 25,700 yen Oct 10th 2002 After June 2003 it seems to have been no longer sold. No further discounts seem to have been offered over time, if anything the price went up after a year or so.

Content adapted from: Sony Press Release, MZ-E10 page phileweb expected pricing

Comparison between the silver and gold:

Comparison between gold and silver (oxidized to black):

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