Name MZ-N10
Manufacturer Sony
Released 2002/11
Device type portable
Recorder Recorder
NetMD Yes
Hi-MD No
Radio No
Dimensions 83.8 x 74.3 x 18.9mm
Weight 84g
ATRAC ver Type-S
Battery Internal
Sidecar battery 1xAA
Voltage 3
Power cable Center positive
Price (launch)
¥40 000
Inputs 3.5mm line in (optical multi), 3.5mm microphone
Outputs 3.5mm line out (analog-only), 3.5mm headphone

Sony MZ-N10

Tenth anniversary recorder, launched alongside the MZ-E10 and the LAM-Z10.

Note: The dock is required to charge/use netMD. The internal battery is also most likely dead, requiring a replacement. Some minor soldering is required to do so.

Content adapted from: MZ-N10 Page, Sony Press Release

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