Sony Sidecar Compatibility

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Battery: LIP-12

Models: MZ-R2


Battery: LIP-12

Models: MZ-R3


Battery: 2x AA

Models: MZ-R30, MZ-R50


Battery: 2x AA

Models: MZ-R55


Battery: 1x AA

Models: MZ-E44/E45, MZ-E75, MZ-E80


Battery: 1x AA

Models: MZ-N10


Battery: 1x AA

Models: MZ-RH10

Model Number Unknown

Most late era devices shipped with this battery case. There seem to be two versions of it, one with and one without a DC charge port. The one with the DC charge part is less common, and the charge part may cause issues with some devices.

Battery: 1x AA

Models (Sony): MZ-E30, MZ-E50, MZ-E70, MZ-E77, MZ-E500, MZ-E720, MZ-E730 MZ-EH50, MZ-EH70, MZ-EH930 MZ-R90, MZ-R91, MZ-R900, MZ-R909, MZ-R910 MZ-N710, MZ-NE810, MZ-N910, MZ-N920, MZ-N1 MZ-NF810, MZ-NH900

Models (AIWA): AM-NX1

Content Adapted From: NeoG_'s Reddit Post

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