About the wiki

When did the wiki start?

The wiki was launched in early 2020, initially at MiniDisc.xyz before moving to MiniDisc.wiki a few months later.

Why did you launch the wiki?

In short: MiniDisc still has significant interest, and the online resources are out of date or being removed from the web. Read more here.

Is the wiki focused on classic MiniDisc archival, or modern use of the format?


Why Dokuwiki?

Dokuwiki has low system requirements and does not require a database to function (although we do have several databases via plugins.) This makes the wiki easy to host and to archive. We also extend Dokuwiki extensively using plugins and extensions.

What DokuWiki plugins are used?

Struct, Bootstrap3, Include, and Wrap are the most significant plugins used to make the wiki function. Read more in the contributing guide.

I can't edit a page!

Some pages, like templates and start pages may not be edited by users. Contact us if you need to update one of these pages.

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