About the wiki

When did the wiki start?

The wiki was launched in early 2020, initially at MiniDisc.xyz before moving to MiniDisc.wiki a few months later.

Why did you launch the wiki?

In short: MiniDisc still has significant interest, and the online resources are out of date or being removed from the web. Read the elevator pitch here.

Is the wiki focused on classic MiniDisc archival, or new vaporwave releases?


Why Dokuwiki?

Dokuwiki has very low requirements and requires no database. This makes it appropriate for a legacy format. It also reduces hosting costs, makes archival and backup easier, and is quicker to setup. There has been discussion of moving to MediaWiki for the Symantic features, but there are similar features in Dokuwiki that should be explored first.

What are the current plans for the wiki?

Priorities include: adding more equipment pages; hosting all available user and service manuals; finishing guides on commonly-discussed topics; and growing the community.

What challenges are the site facing?

The ubiquity and excellence of minidisc.org means that for a new wiki to gain momentum, it needs to have more content (and better SEO) - and having more content requires more contributors.

Do you accept donations / run ads / sell merch?

It's never been the plan to run the wiki commercially, or benefit financially. The site can run indefinitely without 3rd party help based on current traffic, but if traffic significantly increases then we would be receptive to funding ideas.

If the wiki is about preservation, how do we know the wiki will stay up?

Good question. The site is hosted on top-tier cloud hosting with automated backups and off-site archives. As part of the community on Discord, Twitter, and Reddit, there are also trusted people who can take over administration of the site.

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