Devices that support Homebrew features

This page lists Type-S and Type-R portables from Sony (as well as direct clones) that support the netmd-exploits as described on the Web Minidisc Pro guide.

The exploits for Type-S devices are older and more thoroughly tested. The exploits for Type-R devices currently operate slower and there may still be errors to work out, and not all functions are available.

As of this writing, ripping performance is roughly: - Type-R devices will rip at roughly half of real-time, for SP audio. - Type-S devices will rip at roughly 4x real-time, for SP audio.

Equipment imagePageRelease dateWeb and Platinum-MD support
am-nx1.jpegAiwa AM-NX12003/03Supported (Type-S exploits)
aiwa_amnx9_b_1_.jpgAiwa AM-NX92003/04Supported (Type-S exploits)
mz-dn430.jpegSony MZ-DN4302005/12Supported (Type-S exploits)
S-2DSony MZ-N12001/12Supported (Type-R exploits)
sony_mz-n10.jpgSony MZ-N102002/11Supported (Type-S exploits)
mz-n420d.jpgSony MZ-N420D2004/04Supported (Type-S exploits)
mz-n505.jpgSony MZ-N5052002/03Supported (Type-R exploits)
mz-n510.jpgSony MZ-N5102003/03Supported (Type-S exploits)
Sony MZ-N5202004/01Supported (Type-S exploits)
sony_mz-n707_main.jpgSony MZ-N7072002/03Supported (Type-R exploits)
mz-n710.jpegSony MZ-N7102003/03Supported (Type-S exploits)
sony_mz_n910_silver_top.jpgSony MZ-N9102003/03Supported (Type-S exploits)
sony_mz-n920_d.jpgSony MZ-N9202004/02Supported (Type-S exploits)
mz-ne410.jpegSony MZ-NE4102003/03Supported (Type-S exploits)
sony_mz-ne810-a.jpgSony MZ-NE8102003/06Supported (Type-S exploits)
sony_mznf520.jpgSony MZ-NF5202004/05Supported (Type-S exploits)
sony_mz-nf520d.jpgSony MZ-NF520D2004/05Supported (Type-S exploits)
sony_mznf610_main.jpgSony MZ-NF6102003/04Supported (Type-S exploits)
mz-nf810.jpgSony MZ-NF8102003/04Supported (Type-S exploits)
Imacon Color ScannerSony MZ-S12002/04Supported (Type-R exploits)
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