Copying MiniDiscs to PC

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This guide covers analog transfer from a MiniDisc to a PC, using Audacity.

Although it is preferred to use a MZ-RH1 or digital connection to backup the contents of a disc, these are much less common than analog line or recording inputs. Once the audio has been recorded into Audacity, it can be preserved in FLAC (or any other) format, divided into tracks, and further edited.

Analog audio from a MiniDisc will use either 3.5mm TRS (headphone) or 2x RCA connectors. 3.5mm sockets on portables will be labelled as 'headphone,' while some portables (such as the MZ-R50) have a separate line out as well. RCA connectors from a deck will always be line out.

Where possible, use line in and line outputs for your analog recording. Line in and outputs are designed to be connected to each other with less need for adjustments to volume or recording levels. If this isn't an option, take extra care to check the levels of recording in Audacity.

Desktop PCs mark line inputs as light blue.

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