TOC Cloning with Sony MZ-N710

:!: The following guide expects you to have some knowledge about how to handle precision mechanical and electronic devices. Improper handling of device can result inoperable device. Do not proceed if you don't know what you are doing. You are responsible for your device, not the wiki or the author of this guide. :!:

In theory, TOC cloning is possible with any MD recorder, as long as you are able to replace an MD inside the device, without the device “being aware” of it. You need to disable (or bypass) some switches that are there to detect case opening or MD disc ejecting.

To perform TOC cloning on MZ-N710 you'll need to partially disassemble the device.

Use guide in the MZ-N710 service manual, there are instructions on how to remove physical components the right way, without breaking them.

  • Sony MZ-N710 portable recorder with AA battery caddy or external power source.
  • Phillips PH0 screwdriver
  • Plastic pry tool (fingernail works too)
  • MD with TOC error
  • Same size/runtime MD disc as the one you are trying to fix. (for 60-min, another 60-min disc, etc)
  • Remove gumstick battery, AA battery caddy and power cable from device.
  • Remove battery door (Service manual has instructions)
  • Remove 5 screws from bottom case
  • Gently (using fingernail or plastic pry tool) try to open battery door side. ( :!: This is important, if you look at the device, you'll see that input, mic, USB, and remote jacks are on same level in the device bottom case, so trying to remove case the wrong way will break it.) You'll need to pull battery door side of case away from device, so you can push case a little bit towards input jacks, then you can tilt/pull whole bottom case away from device. (Opening the top case might help this process a little.)
  • Remove 4 screws from top case and bend top case upside down. :!: Do not use force or harm top case ribbon cable!
  • Disable case opening trigger switch: MZ-N710 has two trigger switches for it to “know” if MD is removed, and therefore TOC needs to be re-read from the MD. One switch is located on USB jack side corner and is triggered by the “open” button. Since we don't use “open” button in cloning process, it does not matter. Switch you need to disable is located between MIC and remote jack, it is triggered by lever that is connected to case.

Lever down and switch closed:

Lever up and switch open:

I used a small wedge, cut from a soft rubber eraser and pushed it between lever and switch, so switch stays in a state that would normally be if lever was down.

  • Connect device to power source: AA battery caddy or external power cable should be ok, you cannot use gumstick battery, since you removed the battery door.
  • Take MD, that is the same size as the on that needs fixing and insert it to device.
  • Push MD down with one hand from the center of disc edge, and keep it down. :!: Do not push side levers (that are attached to case when assembled) down. Remember, you disabled switch on inputs side, pushing down that lever might break that switch.
  • If MD starts spinning, then it is OK; if not, then push “play” with second hand. Remember: first hand keeps MD down in device. If MD is spinning, then press “stop”. ( :!: You'll have to be reasonably fast from now on, since player wants to go to sleep if disc is not played, or any buttons pressed. :!: )
  • After MD has stopped, release disc gently and remove it from device.
  • Insert MD that needs fixing, and hold it down same way as previous MD.
  • On top case buttons, press following key sequence: “Menu” (display should read: EDIT. If not, navigate with » or « buttons until display says EDIT), “Enter/Play” (display should read: “Erase”, again, navigate » or « until it does), “Enter/Play” (display should read: disc icon and text Erase, again, navigate to it if necessary. While navigating, only the icon changes, you need the disc icon, not the folder or note icon.) Press “Enter/Play” again (display should switch between “AllErase?” and “PushENTER”). Press “Enter/Play” again. (Display should flash “TOC Edit” for couple of seconds and then “BLANKDISC”)

To reassemble device, remove “rubber wedge” and then basically do everything backwards as you did for disassembly. Put top case on first. Top case is easier to screw on if levers are in open position. Bottom case assembly can be tricky, pull it like a sleeve to device so input jacks line up with case side and then push gumstick battery door side to align with gumstick battery compartment.

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