NetMD devices - recording speed test

Sample track with 23m41s in Web MiniDisc

Manufacturer Model SP rec time LP2 rec time LP4 rec time Submited by
Sony MZ-N920 4x (06m10s) 32x (00m53s) 64x (00m31s) Sites
Sony MZ-N10 4x (06m10s) 32x (00m54s) 64x (00m32s) Sites
Sony MZ-N910 4x (06m13s) 32x (00m53s) 64x (00m32s) Sites
Sony CMT-M333NT 4x (06m06s) 16x (01m33s) 32x (00m51s) SackCody
Sony MDS-NT1 4x (06m06s) 16x (01m30s) 32x (00m47s) defor
Sony MDS-S500 4x (06m02s) 16x (01m32s) 32x (00m49s) defor
Sharp IM-DR80 4x (06m11s) 16x (01m37s) 32x (00m56s) Sites
Sony MZ-NE810 4x (06m12s) 16x (01m36s) 32x (00m56s) Sites
Sharp IM-DR420 4x (06m12s) 16x (01m41s) 32x (00m57s) Knolan
Panasonic SJ-MR250 4x (06m14s) 16x (02m17s) 32x (01m09s) Sites
Sony MZ-RH1 2x (12m03s) 32x (00m51s) 64x (00m34s) Sites
Sony MZ-NH1 2x (12m20s) 32x (00m53s) 64x (00m32s) Sites
Sony MZ-NE410 2x (12m02s) 16x (01m41s) 32x (00m59s) defor
Sony MZ-NF520D 2x (12m03s) 16x (01m38s) 32x (00m57s) defor
Sony MZ-N505 2x (12m16s) 16x (01m33s) 32x (00m50s) Knolan
Sony MDS-JE780 2x (12m09s) 8x (03m43s) 16x (01m34s) Knolan
  1. Prepare a blank MD, download and unzip the test file from here
  2. Open Web Minidisc and connect your NetMD device
  3. Add the MP3 file to the queue, choose SP mode and start recording
  4. Start the timer after the track has been converted and is starting to write on the device
  5. Stop the timer when the WebMinidisc interface shows the success message
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 for LP2 and LP4 modes
Speed Time Expected record time
Realtime 23m41s
2x 11m50s 12m00s ~ 12m45s
4x 05m55s 06m00s ~ 06m45s
8x 02m57s 03m00s ~ 03m45s
16x 01m29s 01m30s ~ 02m15s
32x 00m44s 00m45s ~ 01m10s
64x 00m22s 00m23s ~ 00m43s
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