In the top-right of the app is the overflow (ellipsis) menu. This shows many more features and settings.

  • Reload TOC - refresh the list of tracks from the Table of Contents on the disc
  • Enter Homebrew Mode - advanced features and options (more below)
  • Rename Disc - change the disc title
  • Wipe Disc - erase the disc (even if it has “checked-out” audio from SonicStage)
  • Song Recognition - identify tracks using Shazam (requires a userscript or ElectronWMD, more below)
  • Import titles from CSV - use a CSV file to title tracks
  • Export titles to CSV - create a CSV list of titles to import
  • Exit - disconnect from Web MiniDisc
  • Homebrew mode ripping in main UI - download audio files from portables (more above)
  • Settings - options and configurables, including the remote encoder and full-width titles
  • Retro mode - a Windows 95 interface (does not support all features)
  • About - information about the app
  • Changelog - recent changes, shows on first visit
  • Support and FAQ - the Wiki's guides section
  • GitHub - asivery's GitHub

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