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March 7th 2020 -, @MiniDiscDay, #MiniDiscDay

This list courtesy of /u/sfish on Reddit - see the full document here, with links, notes, and release times.

Release Artist Label
Desco Radio-Club EP Golden Moon 3 adeptus minor
19-83 Haircuts for Men Aloe City Records
07151405 OFFLINE Ursula’s Cartridges & Kizunaut Asura Revolver
Complete Corruption Jamie Awakshidar Asura Revolver
Rainforest Hill (I & II) Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza Asura Revolver
Dots and Wobbles Analogue Electronic Whatever Beetawave Records
Digital Forensics Compactor Black Ring Rituals Records
The Water Boatman Language of Prairie Dogs Brown Dwarf
daily grind daily grind Captain Midnight Records
Hiraeth 猫シcorp. 猫シCORP.
News at 11 猫シcorp. 猫シCORP.
Palm Mall 猫シcorp. 猫シCORP.
Lofi 猫シcorp. 猫シCORP.
猫 シ Corp. - MiniDisc Boxset 猫シcorp. 猫シCORP.
Incubus Tokyo Wanderer Coraspect Records
Heartbreak Beat SUI UZI Coraspect Records
Remember ev.exi Coraspect Records
CEL SHADE d r e a m . ing Dream Museum Records
Sleep Witch Cyparissus Fennec Records
Unschuld und Verwüstung (Petridisch Remixes) Barbara Morgenstern Fish Prints
Tennis Academy on a Hill Twin Towers Fish Prints
Zuhause Plus Quarks Fish Prints
Your Muse Follows Me Tulip Tiger GIVE/TAKE
.gold danger.ファルコン.1989 Gulf Audio Company
。黄金 ミストM Y S T Gulf Audio Company
Building a Better World 猫シCorp. & t e l e p a t h Hiraeth Records
ジャングル 地球 Hiraeth Records
27th Floor Passive Refraction Hiraeth Records
Hellveterra Zer0 れい Hiraeth Records
Unrecoverable Reality Insanity Check Hiraeth Records
Multiple Connections Takahiro Mukai Houdini Mansions
Rain Cris Pellnat Houdini Mansions
IH4N (DX) I Have Four Names I Have Four Names
Beyond the Bleak Volume 1 Various Artists Lavender Sweep
Constant Hotel Pools My Pet Flamingo
Girl Talk Lola Disco My Pet Flamingo
Salut Luxury Elite My Pet Flamingo
Hit Vibes Saint Pepsi My Pet Flamingo
Spirit Phone Lemon Demon Needlejuice Records
Polygondwanaland King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Needlejuice Records
Tomorrow, 2096 desert sand feels warm at night Needlejuice Records
Lowlight Strawberry Station Pacific Plaza
Living in Micronesia AMBASSADOR CLASS Palm 84
Catalina Nights Chiba City Blues Palm 84
PALM BREEZE GROOVE FM & West Palm Beats Palm 84
Miami Paradise of Yesterday Palm 84
Codename: Fatwave Therapy Fat Man Miami Palm 84
Waves Cyber Monday X Daniel Hall Pink Dolphin Music Ltd
unannounced unannounced R∞
MiniDisc Day Vol.1 Various Artists Retro Reverb Records
Boozedrome II (Back To The Hills) Various Stadin Records
The Spacedance Vayu Seaside Tapes
The Grid Occams Laser Timeslave Recordings
Return to the Grid Occams Laser Timeslave Recordings
Lovers Part 1 & Part 2 Timecop 1983 Timeslave Recordings
Magenta Nights Ace Buchannon Timeslave Recordings
夜道 desert sand feels warm at night Underwater Computing _
Taking Flight Penthouse Suite Vape Tapes
Still on the Lime Wichita LimeWire Wichita LimeWire
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