Alpha Chrome Yayo - 19th Hole


Date 2020/03/20
Label Alpha Chrome Yayo
Genre chillwave, lofi, retrowave, synthwave
Recording Type

Track list:

1. Tee Off!
2. Sweater Round the Shoulders (And One for the Waist)
3. Power Drive ft. Danny Madigan
4. Gimme dat Wood
5. Bitchin' Putt
6. Mine's a Birdie
7. Where the HELL is that Caddy?!
8. In the Clubhouse (After Hours)
9. Blazerman
10. Oh, Balls!
11. And That, My Friends, Is What I Call Golf
12. The Smell of the Green
13. Now That's Hard Driving
14. You Say Fore (I Say FIVE)
15. The 19th Hole

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