Barbara Morgenstern - Innocence and Desolation (The Fish Prints Reworks)


Date 2020/03/07
Label Fish Prints
Genre darkwave
Recording Type

Track list:

1. Michael Stipe (Petridisch Remix)
2. Brainfuck (Petridisch Remix)
3. Karriereleiter (Petridisch Remix)
4. Triggerpunkt (Petridisch Remix)
5. Teil 1 oder Teil 2 (Petridisch Remix)
6. Wortschatz (Petridisch Remix)
7. Angel's Whisper (Petridisch Remix)
8. Live Fast, Die Young! (Petridisch Remix)
9. Hands Dance (Petridisch Remix)
10. Unschuld und Verwüstung (Petridisch Remix)
11. Poose (Petridisch Remix)
12. {silence}
13. Michael Stipe (Spartan Jet-Plex Remix)
14. Brainfuck (Cryostasium Remix)
15. Karriereleiter (The Kendal Mintcake Remix)
16. Angel's Whisper (All of the angels are whispering with thee) (Thies Mynther Remix)
17. Karriereleiter (キラヨシ Remix)
18. Poose (Haunted) (TAXXESS Remix)

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