desert sand feels warm at night - 新世界の弟子たち [New World Disciples]


Date 2021/06/05
Label Needlejuice Records
Catalog NJR-054
Genre vaporwave, ambient, slushwave, electronic, dreampunk
Recording Type Recordable

Track list:

1. 永遠の希望 [Eternal Hope]
2. 彼に続け、一人の彼のために [Follow Him, for One of His Own]
3. 闇の中を旅して光を探す [Travelling in the Dark to Find the Light]
4. 新世界を上昇させて [Let the New World Rise]
5. 彼はここにいる [He's Here]
6. 新世界に新しい人生を導かせて [Let the New World Guide Your New Life]
7. 千の太陽の情熱で魂を照らせ [Illuminate Our Souls with the Passion of a Thousand Suns]
8. 私たちと一緒に来る [Come with Us]

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