Lost Cascades - E X O D U S


Date 2021/04/02
Label Pacific Plaza Records
Genre eccojams, post internet, vaportrap
Recording Type

Track list:

1. Spirits From My Window (Left Unnoticed)
2. Passing Through Light Once Touched By Something Else
3. Deception Or God
4. Encountering The Unknown
5. Left By A Garden
6. Mantras By The Water
7. Mystics Bending Physics (Losing Touch)
8. Beyond This Life & The Next
9. The Dark Passage
10. Discovering A Stream Of Consciousness
11. Wildlife (Environment)
12. Reaching New Heights
13. Faceless Apparition
14. Lost World Insomnia
15. Journey On
16. Dreams Of A Familiar Ocean
17. Watching Myself Die (A Repeated Memory)
18. The Valley Of A Distorted Past
19. Letting Go Completely (A Witness Of My Own Static Funeral)
20. In A Hall Of Mirrors Looking At What Is Nothing Left
21. Time Capsules Outside The Forbidden Chapel
22. The Choir Was Asleep
23. A Faint Glow
24. Bloodshed Was Never The Answer We Hoped For
25. A Village Of Corpses
26. The Universe Watched Me Drown
27. The Hero Illusion
28. A Lonesome Way Home
29. I Was Alone-
30. Metaphysical Voices

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