Soul▲Craft - Beach House (Remastered)


Date 2020/07/25
Label Coraspect Records
Genre escape the city, nostalgia, plunderphonics, vaporsynth
Recording Type

Track list:

1. Leaving the City for the Coast
3. Beach House
4. Day at the ☼Beach☼
5. View From the Top
6. Yacht Party
7. Drinking Tequila Alone As the Tide Comes In
8. The//rocks//beckon//me//
9. 孤独
10. Fishing for Mahi-Mahi
11. Sailing Day (with my copy of Keats in hand)
12. 本当の愛
13. She's in your bed now
14. That ∎feeling∎ you get when you see the ocean
15. Ephemeral Dawn Light
16. In the cold water 私は一人だ

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