The Scary Jokes - Burn Pygmalion!!! A Better Guide to Romance


Date 2021/06/05
Label Needlejuice Records
Catalog NJR-030
Genre pop, synthpop, electronic
Recording Type Recordable

Burn Pygmalion!!! A Better Guide to Romance - The Scary Jokes


1. Community Gardens
2. Death, Thrice Drawn
3. Do You Believe Me?
4. Jeanine
5. Pygmalion
6. Starstruck
7. Your Vicious Kin
8. Admire the Architecture
9. Sylvia's Just A Dying Fad
10. Jeannie... You're A Tragedy
11. Emotional Vagrant
12. Sleepyhead
13. Wrath Of The Termite King
14. No Leverage / No Pleasure
15. Crushed Out On Soda Beach
16. Bets Against The Void

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