TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL - Beat The Heat


Date 2021/11/18
Label Gulf Audio Company
Recording Type

Track list:

1. We're Drivin'With The A/C [On]
2. Beer Aisle (Fell In Love With You)
3. Love & Air Conditioning (Heat Of Summer)
4. Beat The Heat
5. Can't Believe How Hot It Is, WTH?
6. Summertime Groovers
7. Private Tiki Bar. That's What I'm Sayin'
8. The Paradise In Our Minds
9. Let Go Of My Phone
10. I Love You, But You're Batshit
11. Pool Lounge (It's Time To Chill)
12. Summer Love Gets Stronger
13. Take It To The Next Level
14. Swimwear Aesthetics
15. Why's It Gotta Be So Damn Hot :(

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