VANITAS命死 - High Renaissance At The Modern Art Museum [Contemporary Edition]


Date 2021/03/05
Label My Pet Flamingo
Genre future funk, post-vaporwave
Recording Type

Track list:

1. Welcome to the Modern Art museum
2. 購入する Tickets 2.50
3. Art exhibition guide一時的に
4. Lost group [ 必需品 Love ]
5. Neo-Povera Piracy
6. Yves Klein Blue ~ The shape of an idea (ft. 猫 シ Corp.)
7. Date at Tate Modern [ 自己愛 ]
8. Video art, Paik Nam June 一 テレビ局 (Ft. Rare Akuma)
9. Something of the past 失われた感情
10. plastic energy コンセプチュアルデザイン (Ft. Chichilcitlalli)
11. The Joy Of Painting S23E3
12. Bruce Nauman's NEON
13. Making dirty money (vs. b l u e s c r e e n)
14. 閉鎖

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