Wichita LimeWire - Still On The Lime


Date 2020/03/07
Label My Pet Flamingo
Genre future funk post-vaporwave
Recording Type

Track list:

1. The Legend Of Zombo
2. The Computer Room (Millenium Buggin')
3. Be My BonziBUDDY
4. It Could Be Love (Summer Heat Beach Volleyball Edition)
5. iMesh U
6. Thom's Diner
7. They Tried To Build A Prism
8. Sneaking Downstairs
9. metallica-inspector gadget theame.mp3
10. Anna Kournikova Virus (Y'all Saw The Matrix)
11. Ecco Falls (Computers Are Dangerous)
12. Another Adventure-Filled Adventure Field
13. Still On The Lime

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