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INTERJUKE Ver.1.07 InterLink Update Version [April 26, 2005]

[Main improvements in INTERJUKE Ver1.05]

-Updated the CDDB module. This has fixed the problem that the language information of the data changes arbitrarily on the CDDB information edit screen.

-Enhanced the DIVIDE / JOIN check process for OMG files.

-Added a warning message about the remaining HDD capacity when recording (ripping) a music CD.

-Fixed the problem that the application terminates abnormally when the path name of the registered file of the music library contains many double-byte characters.

-Fixed the problem that the CD playback did not stop when the CD door was opened while the component CD program was playing.

-Fixed the problem that the button lights up but does not repeat when the repeat button for one song or the repeat button for all songs is pressed immediately after the start of playback on the component CD.

[Main improvements in INTERJUKE Ver1.04]

-Fixed the problem that the delivered songs were not imported into INTERJUKE on Windows98 / 98SE.

-Fixed the problem that the song file disappeared and could not be played when trying to DIVIDE or JOIN, although the delivered song cannot be DIVIDE or JOIN.

[Major new functions / improvements in INTERJUKE Ver1.03]

-The display of the playlist screen and music file screen has been sped up.

-Improved the autoplay function of music CDs.

-Improved the petit noise during “forward” skip operation in PC playback.

-Added the SEEK function by pressing the fast-forward button during the music CD digital playback pause.

-Automatic playback of music CDs is prohibited when you are on the component screen. (USB audio is excluded.)

-Added support for column sorting by clicking the list view header on the music file screen.

-Added the editing function during MD playback.

-The group button is turned off when playing a non-group track when the group is ON.

-Changed the specifications of playlist artist / album / genre display. Half-width, full-width, alphanumerical, hiragana, and katakana are no longer distinguished in the classification display, and are displayed together.

-Added the group cancellation function in the right-click menu when MD group is selected.

-Added the function to play tree items on the playlist screen by double-clicking.

-The column width of each screen display is memorized.

-When a track is dropped on an MD group, a menu display has been added so that the track can be inserted before the group.

-Changed the specification to delete the group when checking in an empty group.

-While INTERJUKE is running, the PC does not automatically enter standby.

-Standby and shutdown cannot be performed during various function processing.

-In Windows98 / 98SE / Me, it is not possible to enter standby while INTERJUKE is starting up.

-Changed to adjust if the startup position is out of the desktop.

-Changed to check the bit rate at the time of JOIN of OMG file.

-Enabled JOIN of songs converted from MP3 to OMG.

-Fixed the problem that the list does not scroll with ALT + ↑ and ALT + ↓ in the playlist.

-Fixed the problem that the play button on the component CD screen did not work after ejecting the component CD.

-Fixed the problem that the title character disappears when a long title character is input when editing the disc of the component MD.

-Fixed a bug that checkout was not possible for songs with long titles.

-Improved volume-related problems.

-Fixed the problem that the first song is not moved to the first song when the last song is FFed by repeating all songs when playing the MCI of the CD.

-Fixed the problem that OMG format files are created in the folder for CD recording when checking out WAV and MP3 files without being converted to OMG format.

-Fixed a bug that menu shortcuts did not work.

-Fixed the problem that the recorded song could not be played after recording the CD if double-byte lowercase letters were included in the album name or title name when recording the CD on Windows98 / 98SE / Me.

-Fixed the problem that lowercase names became uppercase when converting to OMG format and importing.

-Fixed a bug during INTERJUKE termination processing.

[INTERJUKE Ver1.01 → Main new functions / improvements in Ver1.02]

-Enabled fast forward / rewind in PC playback during checkout.

-Automatic playback of music CDs was prohibited while the drive check dialog was displayed.

-Fixed a bug when a long title was inserted in the MD disc title.

-Fixed a bug when converting long full-width characters from full-width to half-width when editing MD titles.

-Fixed a bug when the application was forcibly terminated during component playback.

-Fixed the problem that music CD association could not be performed normally on Windows98 / 98SE / Me / 2000.

-Fixed the problem of CD recording when a long title was input to the album title of a music CD.

[INTERJUKE backup tool Ver1.02 → Main improvements in Ver1.03]

-Changed the restore destination folder structure of backup data.

-Prevented double startup of the backup tool.

-Improved the problem that music files may be overwritten depending on the original folder structure when backing up with Windows98 / 98SE / Me and restoring to Windows2000 / XP.

-Fixed the problem that the backup data could not be restored normally if there was a prohibited character for creating a folder in the album name.

-Fixed the problem that MP3 files that were not converted to OMG could not be restored normally.

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