A online cross-platform web app that allows for easy copying of music to a NetMD recorder. Requires a Chromium-based browser. Supports groups and full-width titles.

The Pro fork is under more active development and adds features such as disc export from the RH1 and remote NetMD servers.

Guide for use

Website (Pro)

Original Github

Pro Github

Zadig USB Driver (req. for Windows only)

Platinum-MD is a modern NetMD writing tool, using similar libraries as Web MiniDisc. Popular with Mac users for ease of install. At the time of writing has experimental support for Hi-MD, but lacks groups/full-width support.

Guide for use



Zadig USB Driver (req. for Windows only)

Sony's official NetMD software for Windows

Installation of SonicStage on a modern PC is possible, but driver install is a little more complicated.

Guide for use

SonicStage Digital Archive (Includes Ultimate, Japanese Releases, and Ultimate)

SonicStage 4.3 Ultimate From Optical Garbage

A reverse-engineered, cross-platform command line tool for NetMD devices. Allows full quality SP transfer over USB, unlike SonicStage.

Original release (GitHub)

Vuori fork (GitHub)

A Python-based tool that automatically records, labels and marks tracks on compatible Sony MiniDisc recorders without NetMD.

Requires a Raspberry Pi (or similar SBC) and a basic circuit to connect to the remote port.


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