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I mostly have decks, both consumer and pro. I use several of them for amateur theatre (it's a long story…)


Here are some of my pro decks - MDS-E12 and MDS-E10. Also a Sony CDP-D12 CD-player and a Tascam 112 cassette deck. All saved and repaired from one kind of e-waste fate or another…

Sony MDS-JE520v goodMy first, purchased new from Richer Sounds on Smallbrook Queensway in Birmingham, UK. I still have the receipt…Richer Sounds, Birmingham, UK, 1999
Sony MZ-R700v goodMy second, purchased initially to record sound effects for theatre. Still my “daily driver” in October 2022…Musical Exchanges, Birmingham, UK, 2000
Sony MDS-JE530v goodMy third… 12 years later! Sold as working. Didn't work. Bought lots more machines, then finally fixed this one!eBay, Sep 2012
Tascam MD-350perfectBought for theatre after the MDS-JE530 initially didn't work.eBay, Nov 2013
Tascam MD-CD1 (MK1)goodPaid an arm and a leg for it, as I'd never seen a combined CD/MD machine.eBay, Jan 2018
Sony MDS-E12 (Pro)v goodRack mounted with another E12. Theatre use.eBay, May 2018
Tascam MD-CD1 (Mk1)goodOK, so I have 2. Sucker. Has LA1 balanced I/O kit.eBay, Dec 2018
Sony MDS-E10brokenCosmetically perfect. Broken for spares. I2C fault on main board. Non-Pro.eBay, Apr 2019
Sony MDS-JE480ok-ishBought for spares. Works perfectly.eBay, May 2019
Sony MDS-JE440okBought for spares but now works mostly (has occasional TOC write issues)… Paid £9.99 for it!eBay, May 2019
Sony MDS-E12 (Pro)v goodRack mounted with another E12. Theatre use.eBay, Sep 2019
Sony DHC-NX5MDgoodIn the Dining Room for the family…!eBay, Oct 2019
Sony MZ-B10perfectWell, it was just nice, and quite cheap…eBay, Jan 2020
Sony MDS-E10 (Pro)v goodRack mounted with Tascam 112.eBay, Jan 2020
Sony MZ-N510faultyDead. Can't get it working.eBay, Jan 2020
Sony MZ-N510v goodTry again. This one works. Blue. For DD.eBay, May 2020
Sony MZ-NF610v goodFor DS.eBay, May 2020
Tascam MD-801Rvery poorlySpares/repairs/playing around with. Seems to be missing the laser… Sold on May 2022.eBay, May 2020
Sony MDS-E12 (Pro)v goodYes, another. Can't let 'em pass. Oh, shush! Rack mounted with Sony CDP-D12. Theatre use.eBay, Dec 2020
Sony MDS-JE770v goodFor playing around with Control-A1 IIeBay, Apr 2021
Sony MZ-R700brokenFaulty. Calibrates on CD but not MO discs. Yellow/Gold.eBay, Aug 2021
Sony MDS-E12(ish)v goodCut-and-shut E12 internals in an E10 case. Non-Pro. Actually use this machine quite a lot for editing and is my “daily driver” when working from home as it sits under the laptop dock!eBay, Sep 2021
Sony MZ-R909v goodColleague had one. Loved it. Found one. Bought one. At work! Now not reading discs :-( but passes a full calibration cycle. Strange.eBay, Sep 2021
Sony MXD-D4v goodFilthy, but cleaned up nicely. A dubber that actually works properly…eBay, Sep 2021
Sony MXD-D4okMinging. MD OWH trashed, laser write weak. New drive from Ali Express (rcvd broken…), now working fine.eBay, Feb 2022
Sony MDS-JB940v goodBought from fellow MD-er.Private, Mar 2022

More than I care to own up to… mostly Sony Neige, TDK, Maxell Color, some Fuji, some Bush. Some new (new) discs bought via Amazon Japan in late 2021/early 2022/early 2023 ('cos currently they are still making them brand new…!).

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