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Sony MZ-1goodblacklimited edition 389/500 with, 2022
Sony MZ-R3fairgrey, 2022
Sony MZ-R35goodgrey, 2023
Sony MZ-EP11goodsliver Buyee, 2022
Sony MZ-E25goodorange Buyee, 2022
Sony MZ-E40goodlight grey, 2022
Sony MZ-E44goodsilverhad some rubber, 2023
Sony MZ-R37fairsilver, 2022
Sony MZ-R37goodpurple eBay, 2022
Sony MZ-R70goodblueboxed full, 2022
Sony MZ-E500goodsilver Buyee, 2022
Sony MZ-E900goodsilverboxed full setBuyee, 2022
Sony MZ-E62goodsilver Cash'n'go, 2023
Sony MZ-E77very goodsilverwith remoteeBay, 2023
Sony MZ-G755goodsilverwith, 2023
Sony MZ-N920goodbluewith, 2023
Sony MZ-NH900very goodsilverwith, 2022
Sony MZ-RH910very goodblackwith sidecar, 2023
Sony MZ-RH1very goodblackscreens slowly, 2023
Panasonic SJ-MJ17goodpinkplayer Discord, 2023
Panasonic SJ-MJ100newpinkboxed full setBuyee, 2022
Panasonic SJ-MR240goodsliverwith dock and remoteBuyee, 2023
Sharp MD-MS701goodsilverneed a new, 2023
Sharp MD-MT18very goodturquoise, 2023
Sharp MD-MT77goodbluewith dock, without remoteDirect from seller, 2023
Sharp MD-SR70goodsilverwork but don't read MD “NO DISC”, 2023
Sharp MD-ST700fair/goodsilver/pinkwith dock and Discord, 2023
Kenwood DMC-T55very goodsilverboxed with speaker dock and remoteeBay, 2023
Sanyo MDG-U4Rfairorange“Dachshund” versionDirect from seller, 2022


Sony RM-MZ3Rgoodgrey
Sony RM-MZR30MPgoodgrey
Sony RM-MZR37fairgrey and silver
Sony RM-MZR37fairgrey and silver, play/fastforward doesn't work well
Sony RM-MZ35goodsilver
Sony RM-MZR50goodsilver
Sony RM-MZ2Sgood, yellowedtransparent
Sony RM-MC10Lgoodblack
Sony RM-MC11ELgoodsilver
Sony RM-MC38ELvery goodsilver
Sony RM-MC38ELvery goodblack
Sharp RRMCW0024AFZZgoodsilver
Panasonic RFEV049P-QHnewwhite


Korta Porta Pro

SonyMDW80T80 min.clear10sealed
SonyMDW80D80 min.yellow, black5sealed
SonyMDW80NED80 min.neige10sealed
SonyHMD1G1 Gbblack, red1sealed
AxiaMDSLA7474 min.clear marine, sky, green, yellow, pink10sealed
AxiaMDJZCM7474 min.solid red, yellow, blue, green, white5sealed
TDKMD-RXG80 min.clear black1sealed
TDKMD-RXG74 min.clear black1sealed
Victor JVCCL-MDAhead/lens cleanerclear1new

And a lot of used one.

30th Anniversary

Secret Santa

Summer Swap 2023

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