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Sony MZ-1goodblacklimited edition 389/500 with, 2022
Sony MZ-R3fairgrey, 2022
Sony MZ-R35goodgrey, 2023
Sony MZ-EP11goodsliver Buyee, 2022
Sony MZ-E25goodorange Buyee, 2022
Sony MZ-E35goodsliverwith, 2024
Sony MZ-E40goodlight grey, 2022
Sony MZ-E44goodsilverhad some rubber, 2023
Sony MZ-R37fairsilver, 2022
Sony MZ-R37goodpurple eBay, 2022
Sony MZ-R55fair/goodyellow, 2024
Sony MZ-R70goodblueboxed full, 2022
Sony MZ-R90very goodsliverwith, 2024
Sony MZ-E500goodsilver Buyee, 2022
Sony MZ-E900goodsilverboxed full setBuyee, 2022
Sony MZ-E62goodsilver Cash'n'go, 2023
Sony MZ-E77very goodsilverwith remoteeBay, 2023
Sony MZ-G755goodsilverwith, 2023
Sony MZ-N920goodbluewith, 2023
Sony MZ-NH900very goodsilverwith, 2022
Sony MZ-RH910very goodblackwith sidecar, 2023
Sony MZ-NH1very goodsilverwith all accessoriesFabcebook Marketplace, 2023
Sony MZ-RH1very goodblackscreens slowly, 2023
Panasonic SJ-MJ17goodpinkplayer Discord, 2023
Panasonic SJ-MJ33goodbluewith remoteDirect from seller, 2024
Panasonic SJ-MJ100newpinkboxed full setBuyee, 2022
Panasonic SJ-MR200goodsliverboxed with, 2024
Panasonic SJ-MR240goodsliverwith dock and remoteBuyee, 2023
Sharp MD-MS100goodsilverplayer only, need a new, 2023
Sharp MD-MS701goodsilverneed a new, 2023
Sharp MD-MT18very goodturquoise, 2023
Sharp MD-MT77goodbluewith dock, without remoteDirect from seller, 2023
Sharp MD-SR70goodsilverwork but don't read MD “NO DISC”, 2023
Sharp MD-ST700fair/goodsilver/pinkwith dock and Discord, 2023
Sharp MD-DR77goodblackwith Discord, 2023
Kenwood DMC-T55very goodsilverboxed with speaker dock and remoteeBay, 2023
Victor XM-PX3goodsilver/pinkwith Discord, 2023
JVC XM-P55as newblueboxed full, 2023
Aiwa AM-ST40goodsilverwith, 2023
Aiwa AM-F80goodsilverwith remoteDirect form seller, 2023
Sanyo MDG-U4Rfairorange“Dachshund” versionDirect from seller, 2022
Sony MDS-PC3goodsilver, 2024
Sony MDS-NT1goodsilver Direct from seller, 2023


Sony RM-MZ3Rgoodgrey
Sony RM-MZR30MPgoodgrey
Sony RM-MZR37fairgrey and silver
Sony RM-MZR37fairgrey and silver, play/fastforward doesn't work well
Sony RM-MZ35goodsilver
Sony RM-MZR50goodsilver
Sony RM-MZ2Sgood, yellowedtransparent
Sony RM-MC10Lgoodblack
Sony RM-MC11ELgoodsilver
Sony RM-MC38ELvery goodsilver
Sony RM-MC38ELvery goodblack
Sony RM-MC40ELKvery goodsilver

And lots of others brands remote


Korta Porta Pro

SonyMDW80T80 min.clear10sealed
SonyMDW80D80 min.yellow, black5sealed
SonyMDW80NED80 min.neige10sealed
SonyHMD1G1 Gbblack, red1sealed
SonyMD200074 min.metal, silver1disc only
AxiaMDSLA7474 min.clear marine, sky, green, yellow, pink10sealed
AxiaMDJZCM7474 min.solid red, yellow, blue, green, white5sealed
Victor JVCCL-MDAhead/lens cleanerclear1new

And a lot of used one.

30th Anniversary

Secret Santa 2022

Summer Swap 2023

Day Of The Dead Swap 2023

Spring Break Swap 2024

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