PixRetro's Collection

Goodmans GMD 16RBN/A utter garbage, bought for 99p not had it running yet
Kenwood DMC-Q35SilverB/CDented on back, Missing Jewel of front, Missing remote
Kenwood DMC-S55BlackBLight scratches, possible battery leak stains on backEbay, Netherlands?
Sharp MD-SY10-RSilver/RedAExcellent Player, Sounds great, minor use marks on backJapan, 2021
Sharp MD-MS701
Sharp MD-ST55
Sharp MD-DS33-S
Sharp MD-MT80H
Sony MZ-E620GreenCVisible scratches, Battery leakage on back coverJapan, 2021
Sony MZ-N710BlueA-Need to clean battery contactseBay
Sony MZ-EH50
Sony MZ-EH70
Sony MZ-NH700 £100 ebay
Sony MZ-N505
Sony MZ-R50
Sony MZ-NE410
Sony MZ-S1
Sony MZ-E501
Yamaha MD8
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