SpecialK's Collection


Sony MZ-N510goodon loaneBay, 2019
Sony MZ-N510for partsbroken eject hingeeBay, 2019
Sony MJ-L1repairstape loops and speaker out board needs repairsCraigslist, 2019
Sony MDS-S707fairmakes some noises, flap is brokeneBay, 2019
Sony MDS-S707partsno signs of lifeeBay, 2019
Sony MDS-E12goodperfectCraigslist, 2020
Sony MZ-R50goodperfectCraigslist, 2020
Yamaha MD8goodperfectCraigslist, 2020
Sony MZ-N420Dgooddoes not always eject perfectly, otherwise fineeBay, 2021
Panasonic SJ-MJ17goodskips while walkingYahoo Auctions, 2021
Sony MZ-N920goodno accessories, works perfectlyYahoo Auctions, 2021
Victor XM-PX3fairbattery corrosion on +, works with makeshift repairYahoo Auctions, 2021
Kenwood MDX-G7fairdoes not read MDsYahoo Auctions, 2021

Too many to list… over 100, mostly Sony, Aixa, Victor, Maxell, TDK. Pictures one day.

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