Today's the day! Happy birthday to MiniDisc, the reason why we're all here.

We have so many album releases and giveaways for you over the next several days - too much to keep to just today!

A few of the things we have in store:

  • disc, art, and music giveaways
  • 30+ music releases and reprints
  • MiniDisc merchandise
  • our 1992-themed disc swap

Everything is listed on our 30th Anniversary Wiki page, and a whole page of Album releases.

In late 2019, I rediscovered my love of MD, the music format I used while in high school. But while browsing the internet for information and resources, I quickly found that so many of the websites that had information on MiniDisc were offline and long gone.

This inspired me to launch a project to document and preserve as much information about the MD format as I could. Equipment specifications, use and service manuals, owner reviews, repair guides, and anything else that can be shared and saved for fellow retro tech fanatics.

In the nearly three years since then, this community has shown itself to be so welcoming and helpful to thousands of people with an interest in MD. I'm amazed and humbled by the support this scene has shown each other, with the wiki as its home.

But today isn't about me. It's about celebrating 30 years of the innovative technology that Sony developed and that still means something to so many people today.

It's a common misconception in the English speaking world that MiniDisc failed. Even I've been guilty of using the F word when describing the history of MD to those with no knowledge of it. But the passion that all of you, the modern MiniDisc community, has shown even 30 years later, proves that this isn't the case.

“Failed” formats don't have record labels like Needlejuice, Pacific Plaza, Underwater Computing, and so many more still releasing new music on professionally made discs. They don't have several dedicated and talented developers making new software to keep the format usable and convenient on modern PCs or smartphones. And they don't have thousands of people sharing their love of the format and still using it in 2022.

MiniDisc truly is the last, best, physical music format. It's an incredible technology that still feels futuristic 30 years after its launch. And as with all physical music, there is something about the tactical feel and limitations of physical media that modern files or streaming just can't replicate.

So on MD's 30th birthday, let's celebrate and appreciate the technology Sony created and the music it enables us to enjoy. Thanks so much to everyone who's come together to share our love of silly retro music discs, and we're only just getting started!

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