New software created by community members. Most (but not all) are derived from the linux-minidisc project and are free and open source (GPL)

A online cross-platform web app that allows for easy copying of music to a NetMD recorder. Requires a Chromium-based browser. Supports groups and full-width titles.

The Pro fork is under active development and adds features such as audio export from discs, external LP encoders for higher quality, and numerous bug fixes.

Guide for use

Website (Pro)

Pro Github

Original Github

Zadig USB Driver (req. for Windows only)

Platinum-MD is a modern NetMD writing tool, using similar libraries as Web MiniDisc. Popular with Mac users for ease of install. At the time of writing has experimental support for Hi-MD, but lacks groups / full-width support.



Zadig USB Driver (req. for Windows only)

Qt-based desktop application that can copy CDs via NetMD, including CDDB lookup.

NetMD Wizard GitHub

CD2NetMD GitHub (command line version)

Zadig USB Driver (req. for Windows only)

A reverse-engineered, cross-platform set of libraries (libnetmd, libhimd), command-line tools (netmdcli, himdcli) and a Qt-based GUI (QHiMDTransfer) for NetMD and Hi-MD devices. Allows full quality SP transfer over USB, unlike SonicStage.

Various forks exist:

Upstream project (GitHub) - Original project

Vuori fork (GitHub) - NetMD download support fixes (see #62)

Gavin Benda's fork (GitHub) - Used by Platinum-MD, contains Vuori's fixes plus some additional changes

minidisc-ffwd fork (GitHub) - Clean-ups, fixes, backports of netmd-js features, UI improvements (both CLI and GUI)

A native macOS app that enables users to control their PCLK'd (non netMD) MiniDisc decks, such as the MDS-PC1, MDS-PC2, and MDS-PC3. Currently in the early stages of development, updated frequently. Requires macOS 12.4 or higher. Universal (Intel and Apple Silicon) app.


A Python-based tool that automatically records, labels and marks tracks on compatible Sony MiniDisc recorders without NetMD.

Requires a Raspberry Pi (or similar SBC) and a basic circuit to connect to the remote port.


Newly-announced GUI tool for copying audio to NetMD devices. Has not been tested by wiki staff and source code has not been published.

NetMDTool GitHub

Zadig USB Driver (req. for Windows only)

AKA LA2YUA SonyMDRemote. A C# application for controlling MDS-E12 over Serial Port. It should work with the MDS-E11 and MDS-E52 as well.

Software tools that were created during MD's commercial life, such as SonicStage and Simple Burner.

Sony's official NetMD software for Windows.

Installation of SonicStage on a modern PC is possible, but driver install requires disabling “Driver signature verification” which reduces system security and may break some other tools.

Guide for use

SonicStage Digital Archive (Includes retail, Japanese and Ultimate releases)

SonicStage 4.3 Ultimate From Optical Garbage

Creative MiniDisc Center - Another analogue assistant for copying music from the PC to the MiniDisc through analogue connections.

Thanks to Nicolas Bahamondes for sharing.

Sony X-app - Download. supports Windows7, 8, 10. Officially only supports the MZ-RH1, but through ini editing can support other players. Link 1 Link 2

Sony SonicStage

Sony Hi-MD Music Transfer for Mac Ver.2.0 on Sony's MZ-RH1 support site and our local archive copy (unzip to reveal Apple disk image .dmg).

Kenwood Mulia

Sharp BeatJam ISO Mega Link v1.2.3.0 BeatJam NetMD Drivers

Sony MDclip Editor for MDS-DL1 Ver1.0J (local archive copy, zipped)


PlayStation Broadband Navigator before the last version (.32) could transfer music to a NetMD device plugged into a usb port.

(For the firewire units: MDS-DL1 + MDS-LSA1)

Sony MD Clip Editor V1.0J - MDClip v1.0J zip download iso

Sony MD Clip Editor V2.0J - MDClip v2.0J zip download (the Piclabel folder is omitted to keep the file size under the 50mb wiki limitation) iso

M3U2SBurner - tool that allows you to pipe mp3/ogg/vqf/wma files into simple burner and auto add title info to openmg's database from id3 tags. Requires Simple Burner + OpenMG to be installed.

Xmd - an Open source and primitive NetMD GUI for Mac OS X. The software can only edit disk titles, control playback etc. It has no uploading or downloading functionality.

Aiwa mp3inflist - Aiwa MP3 editor (Japanese language) Has trouble installing under Windows 8. Most likely desgined for Winxp/2000. Original compressed installer

Aiwa MMFX500Manager ?? Original Compressed Installer

Palm MD Titler v1.2 - Website - allows you to use control Sony MD decks and write titles over IR. PalmDB download

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