About the wiki

This site is intended to be a universal, reliable, community-driven home for all things MiniDisc. Wiki contributions are open and welcomed!

MiniDisc needs a modern, community-focused home to preserve the knowledge of the format.

  • The current MiniDisc community site has not been updated since 2005
    • User contributions aren't possible
    • Static frames make readability difficult on modern widescreen or tall smartphone displays
    • Many of the links and resources that cover specifications, manuals, images, discussions, repairs, etc. are offline (404s, expired domains)
  • There is a resurgence in interest in the format
    • New albums are being released from numerous labels
    • YouTube content creators are covering the format extensively
    • The MiniDisc community lives on social media platforms where discussions are less visible with time, or deleted
  • A wiki is the best platform for archiving and sharing MiniDisc's 20 year history
    • DokuWiki on modern cloud hosting is fast, easy to use, and easily replicated
    • A repair experience or rare disc haul can be saved for easy finding in the future

The aim of the wiki is to archive, host, and organize as much data as possible, making it more accessible and relevant than the current resources.

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