Most Sony devices are compatible in some way with every device with a proper port. Not all the features may be useable, but playback usually works. There seems to be no real full compatibility chart for remotes. Without having every device on hand to test, the best we can do is make guesses based on when they were released.

Sony RM-MC10LPortable MD remote control
Sony RM-MC11ELPortable MD Remote Control
Sony RM-MC12ELKPortable MD Remote Control
Sony RM-MC33ELPortable MD Remote Control
Sony RM-MC35ELKPortable MD Remote Control
Sony RM-WMC1Portable MD Remote Control

PC Link kits are a pre-netMD way to connect a device to a PC. Using either serial or USB, the device outputs to a control port and digital input on the device. You can record, set titles, and control playback from a PC. There are no reports of this working on a modern W10 PC.


Sony PCLK-MN10

Sony PCLK-MN20



Sony PCLK-U5

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