Below is a listing of the more common remotes for MD players. Divided into remotes for portable and non-portable devices, the following is not a complete listing but covers the most common. Remotes are often at least partially compatible within the same brand.

Sony Portable Remotes

Most Sony devices are compatible in some way with every device with a proper port. Not all the features may be useable, but playback usually works. There seems to be no real full compatibility chart for remotes. Without having every device on hand to test, the best we can do is make guesses based on when they were released.

rm-ia9kWireless Remote
Sony RM-MC10LPortable MD remote control
Sony RM-MC11ELPortable MD Remote Control
Sony RM-MC12ELKPortable MD Remote Control
Sony RM-MC33ELPortable MD Remote Control
Sony RM-MC35ELKPortable MD Remote Control
rm-mc40elkHi-MD Remote Control
Sony RM-WMC1Portable MD Remote Control

Sony MD LCD Remotes
RM-MZ2S – supplied with MZ-R90, MZ-R91, MZ-E75, MZ-E90, MZ-E95, MZ-E77, & MZ-E800. This is a backlight remote with 9 character display as well as smooth scrolling. Buttons on top of remote include display, play mode and pause; hold switch also on top. Bottom of remote has volume +/- and a slider switch on the right side; pushing 'up' or 'down' changes tracks |« or »|; rectangular stop button on the side of the slider switch.
RM-MZ2N – Supplied with the MZ-E60. Translucent blue color.
RM-MC10L – supplied with MZ-N707¹, MZ-E501, MZ-E500 as well as some CD players. 9 character display w/ smooth scrolling. Buttons range from change of display (track/disc title–if any, track time), play modes, repeat, sound mode, pause. Special twist knob on top of remote; twisting it 'up' or 'down' changes tracks |< or >|. pulling it out gives access to volume - and +. Circular Stop button on very top of remote on the twist knob. Hold switch opposite of the 5 buttons. NO backlight.
RM-MC11EL – supplied with MZ-R900, MZ-R909, MZ-N1², MZ-R910, MZ-E900, MZ-E700, MZ-E707, MZ-E909³, MZ-E505 as well as some CD players. all features are same on RM-MC10L, except w/ backlight.
RM-MC12ELK – supplied with MZ-E909³, MZ-N1². Revamped version of the famous RM-MC11EL now has the ability to display kanji characters, 6 character displays. Roman characters are very blocky and jerked scrolling. Headphone jack now moved to top of remote where stop button used to be. Stop button now moved to row of buttons. 6 buttons on one side hold switch on the other.
RM-MC30L – supplied with D-EJ885. 9 character display. This remote is a revamped version of the 11EL/12ELK remote. Buttons on the side include display, play mode/repeat, and sound and hold switch. Opposite site now has the stop button. Navigation has moved off the twist knob and a new 'shuttle switch' is placed next to the stop button in where pushing it in will play (activate CD player), and pause. Moving the switch to the right will advance to the next track, and moving it to the right will go back one track. Volume + and - are still located on the twist knob. Removable alligator clip. NO BACKLIGHT
RM-MC32EL – supplied with D-EJ2000, D-EJ985 CD players. Same features as the RM-MC30L but with backlight
RM-MC32ELK – Same features as the RM-MC32EL but with backlight and kanji/kana display.
RM-MC33L – supplied with MZ-N710. Features are the same as 30L. NO backlight. To the right of shuttle switch has two 'folder' + and - buttons to go to quick access to multiple groups (if any) on the disc.
RM-MC33EL – supplied with MZ-E710, MZ-E610 MZ-E510, MZ-E810SP MZ-E620, MZ-E720, MZ-N10 (NA/EU), MZ-N910 (EU), et al. Features are the same as RM-MC33L but with backlight.
*Please note: the MC33EL is 100% compatible with all 1st and 2nd generation HiMD units.
RM-MC35ELK – supplied with MZ-N10 (JP), MZ-NE810, MZ-N910 (JP), MZ-N920, MZ-RH1 (JP) and MZ-RH10 (JP)*. (*Color matching RM-MC35ELK comes bundled only with the MZ-RH10 (JP)) Features are the same as RM-MC33EL but with improved kanji/kana display and higher resolution. Narrower text allows 12 (roman) character displays. Scrolling is 1 character at a time rather than 1 pixel at a time; special 2-line display can display disc or group name at the top, and track title at the bottom (only compatible with NetMD units mentioned above); special animations show up when starting up MD, or accessing various sound modes.
*Please note: the MC35ELK is 100% compatible with all 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Hi-MD units.
RM-MC33ELU/RM-MC35ELKU – fitted exclusively for the MZ-E10 (NA/EU, JP). same features as the 33EL/35ELK, except for a special miniplug fitted due to the thinness of the E10
RM-MC38EL – supplied with MZ-NH900 (NA) and MZ-RH1. Same features as the 33EL, with the addition to a Hi-MD input on the LCD.
*Please note: the MC38EL is 100% compatible with all other 1st and 2nd generation Hi-MD units.
RM-MC40ELK – supplied with MZ-NH700 (WM), MZ-NH900 (WM), MZ-NH1 (JP), & MZ-NH3D (JP). The RM-MC40ELK is a new style 3 line high-resolution LCD remote with kanji/kana text support. 1st line displays group/disc info, 2nd line displays track number and time elapsed. Narrow text allows 12 character (roman) displays on 3rd line. Special rocker switch at the bottom of remote allows browsing tracks |«/»|, || function when pushed in, from the right is the stop/cancel button, and volume +/- buttons. There’s a jog dial on the front of the remote; allowing menu functions, et al.
*Please note: the MC40ELK is 100% compatible with the 2nd generation HiMD units.
RM-MC51EL – supplied with the D-EJ720 and physically identical to both the RM-MC53EL and RM-MC55ELK. The RM-MC51EL has backlight option but lacks multi-language character display. In comparison to the RM-MC55ELK, the RM-MC51EL has only track navigation of up and down on the right side of the twist knob and a “LIGHT” button in place of the “SEARCH” button found on the RM-MC55ELK. Unfortunately, the “LIGHT” button does not work with Hi-MD/MD units.
RM-MC53EL – supplied with D-NE720, D-NE820. The RM-MC53EL has backlight option and is identical to the 55ELK (below), except it lacks multi-language character display. *No other known information for this remote
RM-EZE55 – supplied with the MZ-E55. Features an offcenter headphone jack.
RM-MC55ELK – supplied with D-NE920, D-NE20. The RM-MC55ELK has backlight option and supports kanji/kana, hangul (korean) character compatibility, 16-18 roman character display and 9 multi-language character display. It has special animations when starting-up MD, and accessing/editing sound-modes. “scroll-type” level w/ corresponding button on the left side of remote allows quick access of functions such as sound, menu, play mode, et al. Right side has new 'search' button. Volume knob +/- is separate from reverted-style of the +/- group folder, |«/»| twist knob; twist knob similar to 11EL rocker switch – group folder: left, |«/»|: right. Stop and play/pause button below 'search' button. New-style 360° alligator clip. HOLD switch to the left of the clip.
*the 55ELK is quite possibly the most technical remote in terms of features, improved LCD, and ergonomics.
*RM-MC60/RM-MC61 – supplied with US, AEP, and UK models of MZ-DH10P, MZ-RH10, MZ-RH910 (MZ-RH910 of non-Asian version comes bundled with the MC61) and MZ-RH710. *The MC60 is a non-LCD remote with basic functions for Hi-MD functions; black and silver color theme. The MC61 - grey and white color scheme.
Qualia 017 remote – supplied with the Qualia 017. This remote is based on the 35ELK, except with sleek lines and encased in polished, shiny steel. *No known information for this remote.

Sony MD Tuner Remotes:
RM-MZ1T – supplied with the MZ-G750, and MZ-G755. This remote provides quick access to volume controls, radio functions and navigation. The radio option is ONLY functional with G755 and G750. However, is provides no text and only display track time and track #. NO backlight
RM-MC36(37)LT – supplied with the MZ-NF610, MZ-NF810, and MZ-NF520 and D-FJ787. This remote has AM/FM (TV/Weather – US only) enabled. It is basically a revamped tuner remote with 9 character display. The RM-MC36(37)LT provides access to menu (via display), play modes, and sound mode. Volume control is located to the left of shuttle switch. The stop button and group +/- folder buttons to the right of shuttle switch and the radio on/off function is located next to the LCD. The remote does NOT support backlight. In addition, the tuner remote is ONLY functional with NF610 and NF810 and D-FJ787; cannot work (nor fit) in the remote jacks of other units.
RM-MC39LT – supplied with MZ-NHF800. The 39LT has the same features as the 37LT, with addition to the Hi-MD input on the LCD.

Sony MD Car Rotary Remote Commander
RM-MC25C – The MC25C is a non-LCD rotary car remote commander with basic playback functions; should be compatible with all known MD units.

¹ European/World N707 only (10L), North American model (MZ4R)
² North American/European/ N1 only (11EL), Japanese model (12ELK)
³ North American/European E909 only (11EL), Japanese model (12ELK) External Link

PC Link kits are a pre-netMD way to connect a device to a PC. More information on pc link kits here.


Sony PCLK-MN10

Sony PCLK-MN20



Sony PCLK-U5

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