MiniDisc 30th Anniversary

The Sony MZ-1 and the Sony MZ-2P were released on November 1st 1992 in Japan. That means 30 years of the last, best music format and we're celebrating!

There are so many MD releases for the event that we've created a whole new page!

Analogue Electronic Whatever

Coraspect Media Group

Fish Prints Inc.

Husk Recordings

Kanga Corp.

Needlejuice Records

Oxtail Recordings

Pacific Plaza Records

Underwater Computing_

Click here to see the whole list.

From November 1st through 5th, we'll be holding more than 15 giveaways on our social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Patreon. If you aren't already following us, now is the time!

The giveaways will take place several times a day (mostly in the daytime, North American times) and include:

  • Album releases from Saint Pepsi and Desert Sands Feels Warm at Night
  • Custom discs with music from artist Revengeday
  • New stock (sealed) blank MiniDiscs
  • Custom hand-made artwork of MD discs by Krispo

Winners will be selected and contacted within a day or two of the giveaway (we're going to be very busy!) Due to logistics and world stuff, there may be cases where a winner can't claim a prize and a new winner will be selected. Thanks for your understanding.

The MiniDisc Wiki is launching merch!

Expect to see shirts and stickers very soon, but first…

Thanks to designer Spice and our friends at Needlejuice Records, we have a custom UV printed disc that features the MD30 logo.

Click the ad above to see and buy the disc!

Just a few weeks ago, 35 dedicated MD fans signed up for our 30th Anniversary disc swap, where we randomly matched people to send their own mix discs of music “you would put on your first MD in November 1992” - this means nothing released after '92, for that authentic “I've just bought my new next-generation Walkman” vibe.

See the discs that the community shared!

This event would not have been possible without our amazing friends and supporters from around the world. If you're a MD fan who has interacted with us, released music, made videos, offered items for giveaways or anything else, thank you so much! You're why this event and this community will continue to be so incredible.

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