Sony's official NetMD software, for Windows

  • Works best on Windows XP (either VM or on older hardware)
  • Works up to Windows 7 with minimal fuss
  • Windows 8 and up require more work
  • May require unsigned driver (will be included in upcoming guide)

Installation on modern PCs requires a guide [coming soon]

Download: From Optical Garbage [will host ourselves shortly]

A reverse-engineered, cross-platform tool for NetMD devices. Allows full quality SP transfer over USB, unlike SonicStage.

Original release: linux-minidisc on GitHub

Vuori fork: Vuori fork on GitHub

A cross-platform frontend to Vuori's linux-minidisc tool. Easier to use than the command line original tools, especially on Windows.

Supports CBR/VBR MP3, FLAC, certain WAVs.


Reddit post: NetMD App - full SP quality

Multi-platform update: Platinum-MD now available for Mac, Windows and Linux (Ubuntu-tested)


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