Contributing to the wiki

MiniDisc only stays relevant if people use and discuss it. We want to encourage as much content and preservation as possible so that it can be accessed and shared by everyone.

Account registration is required to edit pages due to spam and bad actors. Discussion sections do not require registration, but your IP address will be publicly shown unless you are logged in.

Feel free to use a pseudonym in the “real name” field. If you sign in using Google, the name from your Google account will be used. View our (brief) privacy policy.

Articles, repair guides, FAQ sections, equipment details, release information, and accessories all need pages added, pictures tagged, and sites archived. Please don't hold back if your English is not flawless, or if you only start pages without finishing them - others will contribute and keep the momentum going.

Please see our Equipment page glossary for more details on adding equipment pages.

The Equipment start pages and infoboxes are generated automatically using the data entered in the Struct fields for each device.

If you have an issue with any of the site layout, please contact us.

Dokuwiki is the current wiki system in use. Read up on the syntax here:

The Bootstrap3 theme and associated plugins are also installed:

The site's databases and submission forms are handled by the Struct and Bureaucracy plugins.

Other plugins:

Wrap (for boxes and tables) -

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The incredible work over at is an asset and inspiration to us. We hope to refactor and replicate much of the content on, attributing it in each case and linking to original sources (archived, preferably). A one-to-one duplication is not the plan - rather, the page should be adapted with modern collector's notes, known issues, repairs, and links to other resources.

Aside from hardware pages; articles on ATRAC technology, service manuals, and reviews are all worthy of archival.

There is a breadth of other resources out on the web, with unknown lifespans. As much of this content that can be saved as possible (preferably with attribution) is of important contextual and historical significance.

Sites such as the Sony Insider Forums (some of which is archived) contain a lot of detailed discussions on repairs, issues, pricing, and quirks of various parts of the ecosystem, and should be considered (and attributed, of course) when adding content to the wiki.'s Wayback Machine is an indispensable resource for recovering dead links.

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